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In the hope of having a daughter, my mother-in-law has become the mother of four sons in a row. Where everyone is looking for a son, there is a cry in the chest for one of her daughters.

Before the eldest son reached the age of twenty-five, he brought his daughter home, not his wife, to fulfill his daughter's expectations.

- Listen mom, I feel crazy sometimes when I'm with these guys. From now on you will be the companion of this madman. I'm sorry for the girl, but if any of them are in trouble, just tell me.

- All right, Mom, I'm with you all the time. He says that Molly, the eldest son's wife, got another new mother. Ten years later, they still have a mother-daughter relationship.

When Molly hears all sorts of horrible things about her mother-in-law from people, it feels like fairy tales to her. Because even if no whim is easily met by the mother, the mother-in-law easily satisfies all her whims.

Even after getting the son's wife, the lack of my aunt's mother-in-law's daughter is not met. As many poor and miserable people in the area have daughters, all of them go to the wedding in person and get married and even help with expenses.

If he can do these things, he will have peace of mind and nothing else.

This time when I went to visit their house together, Mami said in the evening when she got the news of the marriage of a girl next to the house.

- Shall we go or not? Come on, how is the village wedding? Let's see.

We were all very happy and when we left, it became a huge fleet of fifteen or twenty people. We all went to the wedding house in groups like walking around with Mami.

My mother-in-law went straight to the kitchen and started taking all the news of what was being organized.

At that time only one of her cousins ​​was wearing henna on her daughter's hand. Looking at everything, it seems that the wedding will be in a very simple way. The bridegroom will come at midnight. After hearing that, we didn't want to wait till that night. When we wanted to leave, Mami said,

- You stay, work hand in hand with them.

He said it well, but as many people as we have gone, if we sit down and eat for the sake of politeness, their condition will get worse. So some of us said,

- No, Mami. You have to. We will come again and take you. Everyone left, but I just stayed to see his work.

Is all the wedding arrangements really going well? Where and how to keep a thing? Explaining everything.

Where is the money being spent? He is taking all the news and he is giving money himself and he promised to give more if needed. He even put some money in his daughter's hand and paid homage to the new son-in-law just like the girl's mother.

There was no need for him to do this but he did it on his own and only said that he liked it. I was fascinated to see him and continue to be amazed.

After completing all the formalities of the marriage, it was two o'clock in the morning and then I returned home with my aunt. As soon as I told my grandmother-in-law in the morning about this incident of the night, she told me,

- What if he doesn't have a daughter? Her daughter is the daughter of all the houses in this village. I have already seen that there is no house left that the girl does not go to the wedding and does not do all this.

- Really! Mami always does that?

In response to my words, Nani said,

- In his ears only the news of a girl's marriage is really heard and nothing needs to be said.

But Mami has visited our house a few times before, never once did she proudly tell these stories.

Really got acquainted with another awesome work of my aunt mother-in-law. Even though he does not have a daughter of his own, he has a deep love for helpless poor girls, a love that helps him to meet the needs of his daughter. Seeing such activities, he wants to do something great for himself.

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