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2 years ago

First you have to build yourself in such a way that he becomes important to the society.

When people around the world are in danger, they have to think anew about the struggle for women's existence and self-determination. There was a constant continuation of the patriarchal social system, with the addition of Atimari. What women will do in such a situation is also a challenge now! Considering that his employment has also shrunk. Because, at least people all over the world are desperate and cautious to survive physically. In this situation, choosing a field of thought and work is also difficult. On the one hand, women have to keep an eye on the various aspects of the patriarchal system, and on the other hand, what can be the optimal work of self-establishment. Between these two, his sense of existence has become stronger. We know that every person who goes through adolescence is responsible for their own daily thoughts and actions, so they have to think about the future or the consequences. The life of a woman is like any other person in the society. Although his field of self-development is much more limited than that of men. But she has to keep up with her brother, husband, father, co-workers, friends, neighbors and other men. On the other hand, adapting to inequality and hostile social environment in many cases is also an inevitable reality. Even if you think of him alone, you can't go. That is, he has to become collective from the individual.

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