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The footprints in the Big foot

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2 months ago


[a lesson from the dead by the living]

Very soon we shall all fall and die from all our labor here on earth. One thing we cannot do anything to change no matter who we are. It is an errantry full of frivolous errancy. However, it is carefully eagle eyed by the passing of time. Day and night. Life and death. The value of this reality is the account of the things we do while we're yet breathing.

Good works or the very ugly things we do spending the rest of ourselves covering up. Unfortunately, men don't learn the lesson from the dead. Death gives room for exposure of light on the things done in the belly of darkness. Death has become man's greatest teacher yet we never pass the exams of the grave. Life has become the darkness that shadows the light of great lives.

I have heard good things about bad people after their death which suggests they were really good souls while on earth. Yes, many good souls die and the grave shines a light to expose their gravious inhumanity unequivocally without mercy. The living always have a tale of the dead to share.

Death is a big foot print which reveals our little footage of daily lifestyle. We don't get to ever see how well we're doing until we are swallowed in the belly of the grave.

The most unfortunate is that, people feel it doesn't matter so long as they are not here to see or feel the pain or shame that comes with it.

Come to think about it, which is better? The same people who blessed you and share gracious benediction of peace with you curse you after you die or the other way around ?

Rich children and family become very poor after the death of their parents.

Well, some poor ones also rearly become rich after the death of their parents. This we can't explain no matter how elite we become.

My question for thought is simple, what will be the footage of the life you're living after all is said and done? Are you doing everything to keep your identity at the expense of your own love ones?

Time is never a market commodity, though it may have its own cost or price depending on where you find it. It has its own natural cause. Love it and make good with it. Death is the Episode of reality. Life is the greatest nightmare everyone living ought to deal with.

Jesus died, then, all His accusers saw the light of the good He was.

There is a light which is only revealed by death. Don't enjoy life in the comfort of evil and wickedness.

Be sure to live to the fullest. Riches matters for the moment you live in. Self importance and fame is the a celebrity of the living momentarily. Respect the lessons from the dead and live never to fall a victim of their folly.

Live for the reward of the darkness of death in time but die in the light of the wages of the grave. Sellah

God bless you greatly for making time to read.

``Someone will always be at the other end to help you. God bless you greatly``

#The Gracelove Church Network


#Jesus Christ is Lord forever


_Courtesy: Aikins Outreach Ministries_

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Written by   25
2 months ago
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