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1 year ago

I was sitting on the roof reading Humayun Ahmed's book Himu. Suddenly I thought I would not read anymore. Because the headache has started. So I didn't read anymore.

If you need sleep, maybe the pain will go down. Today it feels a little worse. As soon as the bell rang from the roof, my mother opened the door and said,

- I came so early that Tanu is having a headache again.

- No, it's not a headache. In fact, there is no environment for reading books on the roof, so I left. Well, my mother will give me a cup of tea.

- Wait a minute. How many times do I say go to the doctor. If there is any problem, the doctor will give medicine. Give it a cup of tea. A little sleep will be fine.

- Hey, my mother said I am not having a headache. No more tea, I'm going to the room.

I was able to explain that my mother was angry. So he turned to me and said,

- Are you angry, Tanu?

- No, Mom, I'm not angry. A little sleep is very important for me, so I'll go to the room.

- Stay and I don't have to explain. You are my daughter, I am your mother. Keep this in mind.

I get a lot of smiles when I hear this from my mother.

"When I'm not there. Then you and your father will understand what I was"?

Then my father and I started laughing more. And my mother goes to the kitchen and sits angrily. We don't understand mother and daughter to understand the kitchen or all its troubles.

I did not smile today. I hugged my mother very tightly. What an instability is working inside me today. It seems that I will never be able to hug my mother again.

Mommy puts her hands on my head and says,

- Let's go to the doctor tomorrow. I will take your father too. Doctor, can I analyze your headache and see? Common headaches or migraine problems.

- All right, I'll go. I go to the room now.

- I'll give you tea.

- No.

I came to the room to talk to my mother. It was very difficult to stay in front of my mother. So I came to the room.

I took out my diary from the cupboard. I sat at the table with the diary and pen. I opened the diary and saw that there are 2 pages. Today it seems that I will write the last diary of my life. I started writing,

"The headache is getting a lot of sleep today. I think if I sleep today I will not be able to wake up anymore. My mother is telling me to go to the doctor. In fact I went to the doctor. No one knows my mother or my father. I didn't go to the doctor. I had a lot of headaches that day. I went to the doctor because I couldn't stand it at one point.

Nerve cells have been damaged due to blood clots in my brain. Which leads to headaches. I should have gone earlier. I have very little time when I hear that, first of all, your face is floating. How can I tell you,

That your tanu will leave you and move to the other side. So if you don't have the courage to say no more, forgive your tanu. Dad, I will miss you a lot. Don't cry after my death. Be well "?

The last diary page will no longer be written. There were 2 pages where I finished my unfinished words. He has a lot of headaches, his eyes are closing and he doesn't have the strength to write. So I put the diary aside and fell asleep. I will not wake up from this sleep.

I will not go to the doctor tomorrow with my father and mother. The diary will reach before that .......

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Written by   23
1 year ago
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