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Will your sister Farhana stay in this house more?

Suddenly I was very surprised to hear such words from my mother-in-law's mouth. And I asked my mother-in-law ,,,,,,

Why what happened mother ?? My sister is here for me. And you also told me to keep Iraq (my younger sister) with you at this time. And now why are you suddenly asking this? Besides, after a while Ira also got married. So let him stay here for a few days.

Listening to me, my mother-in-law kept quiet for a while and said, "Farhana, mother, I didn't want to say it like this. Mother, don't take anything in your mind. Do what you think is best. But take care of everything properly."

My mother-in-law left after saying that. But I didn't understand anything about her. It seems that she wanted to give me a hint. But I didn't understand what it was.

Readers introduce me as Farhana. I got married to Riaz two years ago today. The marriage was consummated as a family affair. Riaz works in a very high position in a company. Riaz is very handsome to look at. Because my younger sister Ira and I were only three years apart. They are three years younger than me. They are very sweet to look at. Two sisters are the same problem when they are the same age. Ira is in her second year of honors. In fact, Ira has been at my father-in-law's house for three months now. Of course it is for me. Because now I have a six-month-old baby. For. And I did the same. But a month later Ira and marriage. The boy is a big businessman. Anyway, God bless my sister.

I was thinking about the words of my mother-in-law. Suddenly someone rang the doorbell and knocked on the door. I wanted to get up in a hurry. But later I thought the doctor told me to be careful. Riaz said ,,,,,,,,

This is Farhana, why did you come to open the door with difficulty? Where is Ira and mother? (Riaz)

Ira seems to be watching TV. And mother seems to be sleeping. Hey, no problem. Why are you so angry? (I)

Listen, from now on, I will see if you have started any work, but no one will be worse than me. If necessary, I will keep a workman for you. (Riaz)

Listening to Riaz's words, I took his hands with a smile and said I don't need a workman. I will listen to all your words. Please don't be angry.

Listening to my words, Riaz put his hand on my hand and said, "I don't remember. Riaz and I were sitting on the sofa talking. Just at that time."

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Written by   23
1 year ago
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