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Quiet season

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1 year ago


Rahi is sitting in a corner of the room wearing red Benarsi and wedding jewelry. It would be wrong to say that she is sitting. She is crying. Rahi is crying silently. As a result of crying, the eyelids are completely covered.

Rahi is weeping with her face on her knees and is looking forward from time to time. The speed of crying is increasing as soon as she looks in front.

Clouds are roaring from time to time. Rain can start at any time.

And the noise outside is increasing with the clouds. Rahi can hear the harsh words of the boys as the sound of everyone's cries.

On the one hand, just as Rahi has learned a great truth about his life today, so has the man involved in this truth lost it.

Rahi's parents died of a serious illness at an early age. Since then, Rahi's own uncle and aunt have made Rahi a human being. They loved Rahi very much because they had no children. They never let Rahi know that they loved Rahi's uncle and aunt. They.

But many years later, when Rahi's uncle became a brother, Rahi's aunt started disliking Rahi. The reason is unknown to Rahi.

Rahi himself was quite surprised to think how his mother loves one child so much and does not love another child at all.

At that time Rahi did not know that the person she saw as her mother was not her real mother, but her aunt.

Rahi's uncle loved Rahi even then. Rahi's aunt wanted to tell Rahi all the truth at first, but she didn't say it for Rahi's uncle.

Today was Rahi's wedding. But everything has been ruined together. Her life has changed completely today. There was crying all over the house where she was supposed to be happy today.

Rahi's uncle went out for some useful work this morning. He had an accident on his way back from work and died there, meaning spot death.

Rahi's aunt went crazy when she saw her husband's body. Then she told Rahi that they became Rahi's uncle's aunt. However, she did not say it well.

He has got many more titles like Kulakshani and Hatchhara.

It is not only the aunt who got these titles. I have also heard these things from the boy's family.

Rahi can clearly hear everything outside. The son and the son's parents are saying that they are not willing to make the girl their home wife. The girl whose father died on her wedding day may be the cause of their son's death.

In fact, people in rural areas are able to make mountains out of soil with these words. Not everyone is like that anymore. Some people are like that.

Rahi lives in Chatt village. The marriage took place in the village. The son's name is Tuhin. He lives in Dhaka. .Have great hatred.

Suddenly Rahi felt as if someone had grabbed her hair. Raising her head, she saw her aunt. Rahi's aunt grabbed Rahi's hair and pulled her out of the room and threw her in the yard.

Rahi's aunt cried and said angrily,

"Where is the hapless girl. She ate her uncle too. She also got married."

Whose neck will I wear now ?? And if you keep one foot in the house, it will be bad. Go wherever you want. I don't want to see your burnt face. "

Rahi has no strength to say anything else. He has suffered a lot today.

Rahi is sitting in the yard and crying. After a while, it started raining at a tremendous speed. She is getting wet and crying in the rain.

Rahi looked at the sky and said with a smile,

"Are you crying with me ?? Do you also suffer with me ?? Let someone be with me." Rahi started crying again.

After a while Rahi felt that someone was behind her and that person was holding an umbrella.

When Rahi came back, she saw her aunt Rahela Begum. Seeing Rahela Begum, Rahi got up, hugged her and started crying.

After crying for a while, Rahi saw his uncle, cousin Rahat and cousin Raha standing there.

Mama Mahbub put his hand on Rahi's head and said,

"Today we will go to Dhaka with you."

Rahi just started crying without saying anything.





Nirab and his friend Mahtab are enjoying the cold air standing in the hilly area. It is very nice to enjoy the cold wind that blows before the rain comes. Try to enjoy the air every time.

At first Mahtab did not want to stand like this. But at the insistence of silence he also stood. And now he is also enjoying such a cool air.

Suddenly the phone rang silently. It is very difficult to find the phone network in the hilly area.

The call came from an unknown number. Silent phone received.

"Mr. Nirab Ahmed says?"


"The application you made has been approved. I mean you can join the hospital from tomorrow."

He did not seem to be happy to hear this. He said with a smile,

"Thank you very much. I'm joining tomorrow."

"Okay, I'm fine. I'm keeping the phone."


Leaving the phone, he looked at Mahtab with a silent smile. The question in Mahtab's eyes.

Seeing that, Nirab said,

"Dude, great news. I've been joining the hospital since yesterday.

I can't express how happy I am to be able to join as a doctor where I came 5 years later, where I did an internship. "

Mahtab was happy to hear the silence and said,

"Hey wow dude. I want a treat but."

"Hmm, of course. But before that you have to buy a ticket from Chittagong to Dhaka."

"All right. Call me back at the hotel."

Mahtab has joined him. He is working in a private company.

Mahtab was enjoying the cold air with his eyes closed. Suddenly it started raining.

As the rain started, Mahtab went and took shelter in the adjoining tanghar. And Nirab stood there and got wet.

This rain has brought happiness for him. It has brought success in his life.

Really, this rain brings happiness in someone's life, so it brings sorrow in someone's life.

By writing the story of someone's gain, this monsoon again writes the story of someone's loss......

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Written by   23
1 year ago
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