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I played ludo

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2 months ago

Hello guys ! How are you ? I hope you all are fine if you are not good with your health then you should take necessary medicine or precautions because precautions are much better than having disease.


So let's start the topic which is all about ludo. Ludo is an indoor game. I love to play ludo because I remain comfortable while playing this. Also there is so much friend in my house that everybody remain busy by playing ludo. This friend is usually followed when the month of Ramadan come . Whole night my all the house mates play ludo. You can say that ludo became their hobby .

When I was in childhood I love to play physical games in village but now time has changed and also village is not the same the child now became young people and now it is the time of mobile people remain busy with their mobiles that is why they do not get time to play outdoor games.

Both types of games play integral part in making a person mentality level strong. These games sharpens the ability of thinking and also help in making a strategy.

Actually from last 2 years we are just a shifting our houses and we are living on rent house. So things are really messed up. We have ludo which was made of wood and that was expensive. My parents brought that ludo to play also ludo was unbrokable. we tried to find out the ludo but we cannot.

My vacations are about to end so I was saying to my aunt that what if we have ludo so that we can play with it. She said yeah at least we should have ludo. We were missing ludo. Then a surprise waiting for us.

Last night , when Danial who is my cousin came back from academy he took ludo with him. I was so happy that now my free time will not remain free and now I have something to do. I can spend time with ludo even when I don't have any partner I can play alone and I can play both sides that is interesting and I am sure that there are so many people who have tried this. But now I don't have such excitement at my face like I had in childhood I miss those days I don't know when we were in childhood we have thinking that everything is perfect life is so clean it is full of enjoyment but when you enter the age of puberty then you realized that life has so many colours and now you have to taste every colour of it.

Lighting up the mood and coming back to ludo. Last night we played ludo after a long time and we have chuckles , smiles and enjoyment on our faces I was playing with kids of my home they were having great fun whenever I remain in the company of children I also became child.

Love these moments 💝😻

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Written by   6
2 months ago
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Ludo is a fun game indeed, I love it when people playing get confused with the double decker as the piece moves still if dice gives even numbers.

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2 months ago