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Health really matters a lot. Everyone want to enjoy good health. Good health is really blessing of God. When a person has good health he can enjoy every season. He will enjoy every single Breath.

If the health is not good than a person feel irritation from everything because he cannot enjoy things .

So story is related to health of my little brother. Yesterday, when he came from school he was running with other children because it was his play time. While running he felt pain and he came back to home. He was crying my mother got worry and she rushed towards my brother I also got worried about him we inquired him. He was just crying my grandmother came and she said , this time we should give him some time to take rest. So he took rest then we asked him what happened to you. He said that his legs are in pain he could not even walk .

My mother sat near him and start analysing what had happened. Then she got to know that his muscle has contracted and the muscle is not coming back to it's relaxed condition .

We thought that muscle will soon come back to normal condition and he will start walking normally again but you know today is the second day and even now he is in pain . Today, in morning my mother awaken him to go school because she thought that might be after taking sleep his legs are good now but in morning he said that he could not walk properly so my father said to him to take leave from school because my father was saying that today we will go to physiotherapist. My father , said to me to check a good physiotherapist in our city I googled it and then I found some names which I forwarded to my father. My father called one of them and confirmed their number. Now my parents have gone to city with my brother for check up I am at home writing about my brother .

These days people are facing so many health issues which are due to different reasons .

  • If you lose money you lose nothing but if you lose your health it means that you have lost something .

  • We should take care of health and it should be our top most priority.

  • With each single day we hear about different new diseases and you know what is the main reason behind those diseases - that is artificial things which are using these days .

  • If we compare our recent time with past life then we got to know that the people who were living in past were more healthy and they have long time to live but now the age duration is short and people are no more healthy . 7 out of every 10 have some complexion about their health.

  • These days , If we just start comparing our food with food of past eras then we get to know that these days everything which we are using are preserved. For much production of food because demand is so high in the market , people are using artificial things and food are growing with the help of chemicals which are decreasing the real essence of food . And the real vitamins , proteins and minerals which are needed by our body are not available .

I hope that everyone could enjoy good of his health because it is the most important to have good health.

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I hope your lil brother will get better today.. Yeah true we should priority our health for health is wealth.

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