A love story!

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2 years ago

Hello everyone 🙌

Love is a real and intense feeling that we feel for someone special but no one can deny this feeling. I think everyone could taste this! But yeah some of the people find their loved ones but some of them lost their loved ones. They seems like a 💔 broken soul.

Let's begin, it is a real based story of one my college friend. She is a girl which is full of fun and she never thought about love or feelings. But one day, she opened Facebook and saw someone texting her. But she is a girl. She thought what's the matter. She respond her lol but she is not a girl lol 😂. He is a boy which used the name of girl..

So they start chatting with him. First she ignored her. But the boy was a little bit funny. His name is little bit confusing for her because she thought that may be he is a school fellow. Then after fights, they exchanged their numbers. They start chatting but a girl show some attitude. She said, I'm not interested in you. Don't text me again. Then after two weeks, they start again. But my friend said, she is closely attached with him. However she seems to be rude but internally she feel something special.

She see his profile and waiting for his text. She is a innocent type girl but a boy was a flirty. Boy wants a girl like her that's why he tried very hard to attract her. He said, you have to meet with my mother and my family. Then you will realized, I'm a good person. But a girl which is full of fear. She scared from her family members. She is confused.

But a boy said, you are so pretty. I just want to fulfill your wishes. I never try to let you down. Just trust me. A boy seems like a hero, he always appreciate her. He said, I'm lucky to have you but you have to meet me soon.

But a girl, seems to be rude. She have a feelings but she never know how to express. For her, it is not so easy to met with someone else. She said, it's difficult to meet you. A boy wants to see her. He said, I have to talk with your parents. I'll pick you and drop you. I'm Always there for you. But a girl does not try to put some efforts. A boy is full of efforts.

Suddenly, They stopped talking with each other.

Then a girl realized his absence. She missed him alot. One day, she cried in prayers.

Then, she saw a notification 🔔. Her eyes is filled with tears. A God give her second chance. They start talking with each other but now a boy seems to be changed. He said, my feelings are never changed for you.

They chat the whole night. They became like a loved birds but why if someone loved so hard then they got seperate.

Girl expressed her feelings. She promised to meet himself. But a girl is full of fears. She thought, how can I meet.

She denied and said, I have to meet you soon. But a boy said, you break my trust just select the day and meet with me.

I think, fake promises ruined relationships but in this case, a girl really want to see him but it's difficult for her.

Then atlast, 5 months relationship breaks due to this situation.

But. You know what

Love wants some time. If he really loves her then he never leaves her.


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2 years ago