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How a $3 tip from an internet stranger led to me paying rent for my parent's house.

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1 month ago
Topics: Finances, Crypto, BTC, Story, Gift

In the summer of 2020 an internet stranger on reddit tipped me $3 for some reason, as I was discussing the deteriorating economic situation in Lebanon, I was completely ignorant to everything crypto at that time so I decided to bet it on Football (soccer), for some reason luck was on my side and I won around $5 and having not verified my betting account decided to convert the $8 back to Bitcoin.

Fast forward a year having not been able to withdraw that amount (living in Lebanon) I watched the $8 turn into $50 due to Bitcoin's increased valuation.

This past week I sold the $50 to a local buyer, and paid my parent's rent, due to the economic situation in the country and hyperinflation, dollars are highly sought after.

So the next time you tip someone a small amount, remember you could be changing that person's life in meaningful ways, $50 is literally the minimum salary in Lebanon, and due to the generosity of a stranger, luck and bitcoin's power I brought joy to the faces of my family.

Thank you Reddit stranger!

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