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BCH awareness

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11 months ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash, BCH

I firmly believe that Bitcoin Cash is the decentralized money for the world. All we need to do is spread awareness of what Bitcoin Cash is and what can it do.

Bitcoin Cash is the global peer-to-peer cash money because it is uncensorable,reliable, secure, has fast and cheap transactions.

Spreading Awareness

Platforms powered by BCH

Spreading awareness is not an easy task to do. You should invest your patience, time, and money to bring the people in. That is why i was amazed with the platforms powered by BCH.

I think, is one of the biggest and successful BCH platform that had a huge impact on spreading BCH awareness. With the everyday growing numbers of users who are joining, who would dare to say it wasn't? Thanks for developers and to all the people who are funding this platform. Because of the efforts and support you guys are giving, I know that BCH future will be bright.

I should count in too. A twitter like platform powered by BCH developed by the same team of and funded by @MarcDeMesel. Great innovation for getting bigger blocks for BCH.

@Toorik, oh don't know his username here at This man is giving simple task on where you can earn BCH after the task completion. shareable link, I always use this whenever someone asked me wha BCH is on my social media account. It's like promoting (I'm not a person working under it) and spreading awareness on BCH. You can say that it's like hitting two birds with one stone.

#CLUB1BCH, a club made by bloggers. I love the idea of this, supporting and encouraging people to set 1BCH goal or more. Maybe I can join if I'll be actively writing article here. 😅

I, for myself, have a little knowledge of what bitcoin cash is 3 months ago. All I know is, it came from a hardfork of Bitcoin and rank as one of the top ten cryptocurrency on coingecko.

One of my friend here on was a big supporter of BCH (he insisted not to tagged him) . He was my friend for a long time ago and keeps bragging what Bitcoin Cash on his social media. It caught my interest and I started asking him all about it and did do my own research.

After a month or two, I became a fan. Now, like my friend, I'm posting more on my social media accounts about what BCH is, and hoping that I can help even a little for mass adoption.

With the help of the media platforms that was mentioned above and the people supporting and spreding BCH awareness, the title of global p2p cash money is not out of reach.

PS. Sorry for a little messy sentence or paragraphs.

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Written by   27
11 months ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash, BCH
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