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The child is repeatedly holding the pen in his left hand, and the child's mother is holding the pen in her right hand again. After a while the child took the pen in his left hand again, the mother held it in her right hand again.

At one point, the mother, father and fourteen Gusti put pressure on the child to write with his right hand. After a few years like this, the child starts writing with his right hand for a while, whether it is due to fear or emotional stress. His family took it as a huge success. But they never realize how badly they harmed the baby.

In our social context, when a child starts writing with his left hand, 99% of people do not take it well and try to change it. Now let's see what the matter is.

A 3-year-old boy saw everyone around him working with his right hand, and he was the first to hold a pen in his right hand. Yet why do some children try to write with the pen in their left hand instead of their hand? Because that child is right cerebral dominant. According to statistics and scientific explanations, about 3% of the world's population is born with a right cerebral dominance. The remaining 98% are congenitally left cerebral dominant.

Now the right cerebral dominance of the child will be inborn left handed, that is normal ... and the remaining 96% will be right handed. This is natural.

So now if a left-handed child is born right-handed, the normal development of his brain will be ruined. As a result, he may learn everything, but the gift he was born with will be ruined, he will deviate from a very potential human child and grow up with an average or less than average talent.

Now let's see why right cerebral dominant or congenitally left handed children are more promising than the other 96% of people.

The answer is that they are born with a right-sided patent on their brain, and their left-sided brain is patented according to their genetics. So ultimately after an age both sides of their brain started working. Where the other normal 98% of left cerebral dominance acts only on the left side of the brain.

So in brain work a right cerebral dominant left hand will be much faster and patented than a right hand, that's normal ...

And the second advantage is that working with both hands and feet, their physical strength and performance is higher than the normal average person.

However, this does not mean that right cerebral dominance has all the advantages and some disadvantages. First, it takes longer than normal for people to have fine skills. Because the way a normal person learns by looking at a thing, they learn by looking at the opposite. Also, as fast as the right hand of a right-handed person works, even if both hands of a left-handed person work, it is slower than the right hand of a right-handed person alone. So any hand skill learning takes a lot more time than a right cerebral dominance, but when he learns the skill he can do it equally with both hands.

Second, they have difficulty focusing on a specific thing. At the same time focusing on many things can not give time to any.

And the third problem is that the average lifespan of a right cerebral dominant is much shorter than that of a normal human. Since it is an exception to normal, it is normal to have a short life ...

But what is true above all these difficulties is that a right cerebral dominant differs from the rest in his intellect, thought, thinking, creativity, conscience, sense of humor, prudence, analytical ability and genius.

A survey of different schools and colleges in Bangladesh (6 schools and 6 colleges) found that for every 198 people, the left is only one in 198 people, that is, 0.5%. Where it was supposed to be 3%. This means that 5 out of every 6 right cerebral dominants have to become right-handed due to social pressure, and if a genuine right cerebral dominant is forced to right-handed, he will not be able to do anything good in life.

Needless to say, I watched a boy up close to see if his school had the only practicing right cerebral dominance in the batch. His handwriting was both bad and slow. His teachers would ask him to write with his right hand. But he used to write with his left hand. The whole class used to tell him that since he writes in his left hand, he can't do well, everyone laughed at his bad handwriting. Only his family supported him. Outside of that no one supported him, no one.

But then?

Then when the result of the final test was given, everyone's face would be locked. Because sitting in a right-handed chair, he was the first among hundreds of students with awkward slow handwriting. And when he got a little older, his awkward handwritten rough notebooks for free handwriting were sold in the form of notes in photocopy shops. His writing content was so good that even his teachers were forced to read the awkward handwriting.

So if your child holds a pen in his left hand, there is nothing to fear, there is nothing to be rude. You give them freedom, give them inspiration, give them courage. Believe me, they are more likely to be born right-handed than a left-handed cerebral dominant.

Being a right cerebral dominant is a gift. Please accept the gift & don't spoil a life.

Despite being a minority by birth and socially disadvantaged, they are going to win by competing with a right-hander. Isn't that enough evidence to make his exception acceptable?


Thank you.

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