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Reasons why Bitcoin cash is the real Bitcoin.

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1 year ago

Bitcoin cash is a popular crypto currency and ranked just a little bit below Bitcoin and ethereum, though it's transactions are low and super fast,it is not widely used like it's popular counterparts like ethereum and Bitcoin,this is mainly because people see it as a lower priced coin compared to Bitcoin,some even call it pump and dump scheme while others think it's trying to rival Bitcoin and bring it down but they're all wrong,cause with what I've heard and read about the original Bitcoin project and what was listed in the original Bitcoin whitepaper shows that Bitcoin cash is the original Bitcoin because the Bitcoin we call Bitcoin today has shifted away from the original project and now has a greedy motive because it's community was overtaken by a greedy set of core members.

Bitcoin cash was formed from the first hardfork of bitcoin and it's still retains the main Bitcoin properties and projects.

So below I'll highlight some good reasons why I think Bitcoin cash is the real Bitcoin.

1. Bitcoins transactions are meant to be fast.

When Bitcoin was just introduced, anyone with Bitcoin in their wallet could send it to another end of the world in a matter of seconds and that was what made it widely adopted then and also one of the promises Nakamoto Satoshi proposed to the then growing community but since the community got taken by these set of core members,the reverse has being the case,you now make transactions with Bitcoin that takes up to a week to even deliver instead of the transactions to be fast. The causes of this delayed transactions you'll see as go down the post.

But in the case of Bitcoin cash, transactions are relatively fast and mostly within seconds,my transactions of Bitcoin cash haven't taken up to a minute before. So as you can see, Bitcoin cash still follows the project of the original Bitcoin by delivering fast transaction so it should be the real Bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin transaction fees are meant to be low

If you've transacted with Bitcoin of late you would have seen the spike in transaction fee,which could range from over a dollar to fifty dollars and it could higher as times goes on with increasing amount of transactions....this was digitally designed by the core members because they want to limit the number of transactions a block could hold,the reason why they haven't increased the data a block can hold over 1mb so transactions pile up,since Bitcoin doesn't allow 0-conf,the transactions doesn't just jump into the block without confirmation so the one with the highest processing fee will be accepted first and if a new one with a higher processing fee comes,then it is processed and sent first leaving those with lower gas fees unsent and sometimes are sent back to the senders wallet.

This was not the motive o Bitcoin,satoshi mentioned in his whitepaper that Bitcoin transactions would be very low and sometimes even feeless and right now the reverse is the case.

Bitcoin cash on the other hand has fees lesser than 0.01$ sometimes and still stays with the promise of low transaction fees as satoshi promised with Bitcoin therefore it is the real Bitcoin.

3. Bitcoin is supposed to be reliable.

Is Bitcoin reliable right now? I don't think so, because of the continuous use of the 1mb block system, transactions at a particular time are limited and not sent instantly and you need a higher processing fee to surpass the already waiting pack to get a faster transaction,so you make a transaction and don't know whether your transaction will go through or not,cause others can pay a higher gas fees than you did so your transactions can take days or even more and can even be returned if not sent within a specific time.

Bitcoin was not supposed and proposed to take more than sends or latest minutes but with Bitcoin cash which has a 32mb block size (recently 8mb),a large number of transactions can be processed at once and making transactions limitless as promised by Satoshi Nakamoto when he introduced Bitcoin to the world.

4. Bitcoin transactions are supposed to be instant

The very painful removal of the 0-conf from the Bitcoin transaction system by the greedy core members has caused a very long delay to transactions where transactions can stay more than a day before being confirmed and placed in the block because of the "higher gas fees,the first to be confirmed system" has made Bitcoin transactions less instantaneous. And this was one of the many reasons why Bitcoin was adopted because it makes transactions faster and instant but that has long gone.

But with Bitcoin cash transactions are instantly sent and relatively fast making it the real Bitcoin.

5. Bitcoin is a peer to peer transaction system.

Have you ever heard or come across posts of people saying Bitcoin is the new gold? I bet you have.

Now what does that mean? It means that Bitcoin is now a store of value, people are now buying it to keep rather than to use for transactions as proposed by Satoshi...this is as a result of the high gas fees and slower transactions that is now discouraging people to use for peer to peer transactions and they'll rather store it in their wallets.

Bitcoin cash still retains the peer to peer transaction goal of bitcoin while the so called Bitcoin has diverted from it.

6. Bitcoin was meant for merchants.

With the transactions fees of bitcoin getting high and high everyday, merchants are beginning to divert from Bitcoin and look for other means of Bitcoin is losing merchants everyday while Bitcoin cash on the other hand is gaining more merchants by the day because of lower transaction fees.

7. Bitcoin is meant for the unbanked population.

We all know that the unbanked population are those that aren't too rich and wealthy,now with transaction fees ranging from 1 dollar to 50 dollar how can a not very wealthy person make a transaction and pay 10 dollars for it,so Bitcoin has failed the unbanked population by their drastically increasing gas fees.

But Bitcoin cash has kept it's promise of bitcoin to the unbanked population by ensuring the minimal transaction fees which could be even less than a penny. Bitcoin cash is the real bit coin.

8. Bitcoin is supposed to be decentralized

Since the core members has taken over the Bitcoin community,it has becomed a centralized system allow just themselves and nobody else to make decisions about the cryptocurrency projects but on the other hand, Bitcoin cash is decentralized as promised by Satoshi,given all members and everyone in the community to make decisions about the projects and plans, making Bitcoin cash the real Bitcoin.

With these I think I've being able to convince you that Bitcoin cash is the real Bitcoin and therefore I drop my pen and bid you goodbye till we meet again.

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Written by   67
1 year ago
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