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When happiness and sadness collide

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2 months ago

"We have our own kind of happiness, in fact anything can make us happy, depends on how we tackle life, even the most serious people on earth feels happiness deep inside in their heart, we can be happy without expressing our feelings, the reason happiness and sadness collide"

What things makes you happy?

Eating ice cream makes us happy

Happiness is everywhere, you can see those smudging ice-cream surrounded her mouth makes her adorable to watch, and that enters my own happiness too, giving my little ari ice cream makes my inner self happy, seeing her face smudging ice cream makes my happiness burst.

Happiness is when you ride a basket travelling all through out the corners of the house

Happiness depends on how we handle things, we dont need to be serious most of the day, having fun is one of the most exciting part in a day, this little girl is enjoying again, loves to get push and ride the basket, we do cheap things as we cant afford to buy her a real toy car to ride on hahah soon maybe we can save enough for that little ari, for sure thats another happiness.

Eating makes us happy

As Ive said earlier, we can experience happiness depends on how we tackle life, we dont usually visit and eat to our favorite fast food chain JOLLIBEE. So every time we have chance we feel happines like a little kid who ate their favorite meal in a day haha how simple couple we are haha

When happiness and sadness collide?

Who do you think win and take over your emotion?

For me, when I felt happiness and sadness collide, I feel confuse and cant think clearly, its a mix emotion minute to minute you feel happy the next minute you feel sad.

Just like what happened last 2 weeks ago, its our municipal fiesta, we are celebrating, we are watching street dancing that time everything was colorful and I do love colorful surrounding, every one is dancing, going with the flow when a phone call interrupts the moment, my tito called informing me that our grand mothers little brother died just the time he called.

I instantly felt sad, mix emotions, the surrounding is harmonous and happy but deep inside my soul, I was crying, I felt a deep instant sadness, but I cant express it out, still not sinking on my mind untill weeks passed and we are already on the cemetery, its one of the saddest part of my life.

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2 months ago
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Our life is full of surprises, joys and also sadness. I found out that every 10 or 15 years someone dies. That's just part of life. I'm here too, but I can't manage both platforms in time. I wish you good luck and I think you should write longer articles.

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2 months ago

I think this is what feels like living. Life is a very twisted puzzle.

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2 months ago

Hahaha life is a twisted puzzle and ironically our brain is twisted more, and the path we are taking is the zigzag road hahah

It maybe challenging but its more fun haha

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2 months ago