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Some Random Questions and Answers

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8 months ago

Hello Beautiful Souls and Strong Hearts, wishing you a very good evening, I hope you had an amazing day.

I'm little bit late for this topic but I thought I should write something on this topic, so here it is..

1.What do you like the most about your family? I love everything abou my family, we are sharing a very close, deep and unseperable bond and understanding between us. I consider myself lucky and blessed both for being a part of this family. My parents even my sister are very supportive, they even gave up their dreams and some close relatives for me (,some of our relatives even our society think it is bad and an insult if someone educate a girl and support her to fulfill her dreams). I have never told or showed my love affection, care towards them, I'm very shy to express my feelings to someone but I'm hopeful that I will be able someday to express my feelings and emotions to them.

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2.Who is your favourite Desney character and why??? My favourite Desney character is Mulan.

I saw this animation film when I was only 11years old child__ She taught me how to be a warrior, She taught me how to protect myself from the evil wish of society, She taught me how fight for our own dreams, She taught me how to establish my image and myself even after society's threats, She taught how to use my power wisely, She taught me how to recognize my own true self and my strength.

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  • 3.What is the last film you saw?? I do not like movies too much and I never saw a movie fully. I love to watch movies in summerized version, and I the last movies I saw are_ "Upside-Down Magic" and "Gifted".

4.Which thing you fear the most? I'm afraid of loosing my loved ones and I'm afraid to hurt and to make someone cry.

5.What do you love the most? Spending time with my family and nature but I get peace and happiness the most praying and crying infront of Allah, the almighty.

6.If you could have any kind of super power,then what would be? I want to read everyone's mind apart from this if I have some super power then I want to make everyone happy and content.

7.What do you want to be of you are given a chance ? If Allah, the merciful gives me a chance to be something then I want to Human being again, coz I'm content and happy with my life. I respect, love and believe His plannings , decisions and what He gave to me.

8.Do you consider yourself as a successful person? Yess, I consider myself as a successful person. i have enough food to eat, I have enough clothes to wear , I have enough things to enjoy a pretty good life , I have even a sweet family to cry , to smile, to love what can I expect more than this?

9.Are you a sport lover? Nope, I do not likes sports but I was pretty good at sports when I was younger.

10.What is Your favourite mammal(Water and earth) ?? My favourite terrestrial mammal is Dog, they are faithful, they are loyal and they can give up their life easily for the sake of their owner or anyone.

I do not have any favourite water mammal or animal because I have water phoebia, so o don't even try to like or see water.

11.What is your favourite bird? My favourite bird is 'BlueBird'. In many cultures , they consider this bird as a symbol of happiness, a messenger of knowledge and enlightenment.

12.What is your favourite flower? I do not have any personal favourite flower but I like Lilies and Blue Irish flower , it represents faith, hope and courage.

13.What is your favourite colour? I have no particular colour too, but I'm in love with black colour.

14.What is your favourite flavour of ice-cream? I love chokolate and vanilla flavor ice-cream and I hate strawberry flavour ice-cream or chokolate or any kind of food the most.

15.What is your favourite memory? When I got the new of my sister's birth for the first time( I guess coz I was too little then).

16.Who is favourite family member? My most favourite family member is my beloved sister.

17.What do you prefer sweet or spicy food items? I don't like sweet except Rasmalai, Chanar Payesh, and Sondesh(These sweets are one of the most typical and famous Bengali Sweets). I prefer spicy food but not too much.

18.Do you like coffee or tea? I do not like both coffee and tea since my childhood.

I hope you like this and thank you soo much for stopping here and giving your valuable time.

Don't forget to give me your support and love🥰

Ereena. 14.10.2021(7.05pm)

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Written by   15
8 months ago
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Hello, I enjoyed reading what you wrote, good job.We are all unique with our lifestyles and the situations we find ourselves in.I wish you health and good luck!

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7 months ago

Nothing beats coffee for me hihi. Anyways, I am glad that you have such an amazing family that is ready to support you.

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8 months ago

I will definitely try to taste coffe too tomorrow, actually I never taste coffe or tea coz I think it can harm my stomach and health . yess I think I have got the best family, 🥰 Thanks for stopping here

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8 months ago

Everything is perfect but the last one was not good hehe, here I am the lover of tea and when someone says this that I don’t like tea I feel like” who are you? Do you really belong from this world?” Hehe. Just kidding.

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8 months ago

Oh sorry for the last one, everyone has already told me the same thing, after listening a lot about the taste of coffee, finally I made up my to drink tea for the first time..

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8 months ago

Hehe okay.

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8 months ago