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Should I be Sorry for not Believing in Crypto Currency?

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8 months ago

Hello beautiful hearts and souls all over the world, I hope you all are fit and fine and all of you are doing well and great in your life. How was your day??___ I hope your da blessed and good, I'm happy for that. But, mine was quite devastated and worst until I finally believe and find myself a beloved of Crypto Currency. If anyone of you click and see my account then you will notice that my account is almost 3 weeks old coz I joined this wonderful community just 3 weeks ago(LOL) but I was not active. After posting some articles, I began to loose my self-confidence and motivation, I also thought that now this is the perfect time to focus on my university studies as well as on my career too. So I had a pretty reason to quit my my account and I did that foolish thing without thinking at least for once, and I logged out from my Read.Cash account. As I thought by writing articles in Read.Cash, I'm only wasting my time , but I was totally wrong and made the worst decision of my life.

  • Why I logged in today :→ I always open Google for gaining some interesting and exciting things by seeing some suggested news. As always today when I open my Google for the second time a new news suggestion popped up on my phone screen , i instantly click on that news as it caught my attention and sight both and I found out myself excited too. After reading the full article with all my attention, I realized that how crypto currency is constantly changing everyone's life by providing them life support and something extra credit for their immense hardwork and article. Meanwhile, my mother asked me a question "Why Are You Looking Pleasant?" ______,. For quite sometime I didn't gave her any proper answer as I couldn't understand what she was asking me,then she clarified me by telling me that I found yourself with a wide smile on your face looking and scrolling your phone, that's why I asked that question. That's the time when after comprehencing her question , I told her what I read and asked what should I do now? Did I made a mistake by quiting Read.Cash??

  • She smiled smoothly and told me in a very deep and calm voice that____. "Absolutely No, it's never too late to start something anew."

You want to correct yourself by realizing all your mistakes that's a lot for me, now start your journey with your full heart.

  • A Mother Can Change a Child's Whole World with Her Positive Attitude and Soulful Words.

  • I just want to tell my mother__ Thank you sooo much mom for inspiring me a lot and always staying with me.

  • After hearing those words, I felt really motivated and in instant all my problems, tensions, confusions disappeared.

But yet I'm feeling totally ravaged for that mistake. But a deep voice from the bottom of my heart and my family saying that, "You Can Do It", " You Shouldn't Break Down" , "You Have to Work Hard"....

My heart and soul know that I missed and lost a bunch of things, all of your love, support, kindness, companionship, compassion towards me and a great golden opportunity to learn something new and to make new virtual friends and family.

Now I'm starting a new journey let's see what happens and where my desnity lead me..

  • Final thoughts:– I know it's really very hard to trust me again, but believe me I will not break your trust.

If you like my writing and want to support me then forget or hesitate to show your love by subscribing my account and giving me a thumbs up..

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Written by   15
8 months ago
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