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My Journey Towards BCH

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9 months ago
  • Introduction :→

  • So finally I'm going to begin my Read.Cash journey with this article. As it is my first ever article on Read.Cash, I thought it will be better if I start my journey with a brief introduction of mine.

Hello Beautiful People, I'm Ereena, a teen-age girl who love her family from the bottom of her heart. I'm a student by profession and a full-time Dreamer and Imaginer by passion.

In my past I wanted to be a Space Scientist as I have a great and huge interest and love for space and other's space related things even now. But 2 years ago a simple & single incident changed my whole life and dream, now I want to be a Civil- Servant. I know I can do it but I need your support and love too badly.

  • How I came to know about Read.Cash :→

A few days ago, one of my closest and dearest friend told me about Read.Cash and Noise.Cash and how it helped and changed not only her life but also a lot of people's life too. She made me inspired to make an account on Read.Cash , I didn't not believe her then and didn't take her seriously too. But after few days, Today I'm going to join this wonderful Read.Cash family. I hope I will be able to be a good family member of it...

Even though I'm not yet a member of this family now, but Read.Cash taught me a lot of things from the experience of other.

Some of the Effective Reason for Joining Read.Cash are :→

🔺 I'm a good reader and speaker too, but I'm not a good writter since my childhood. I can say, imagine and think billions of things but whenever I want to shape my own thoughts, I become helpless and worthless. I believe that I can overcome this bad habit by using Read.Cash.

🔻 Someday I wanted to be a photographer. But due to the needs of the society, I couldn't live my life with that specific dream anymore & I had to give up without my will. But I didn't realize that my that dream was lodged in a small corner of my heart without my knowledge. Maybe after joining Read.Cash , I will be learn to live anew with that desire hidden in my heart. After avoiding my passion for many years, I rediscovered this dream and took a picture of a cute, little flower.

  • Here it is____

  • 🔺 Financial Freedom :

I heard and saw that Read.Cash & Noise.Cash have helped a lot of people to become financially stable and independent by supplying money in the form of BCH.

Both RC & NC has diminished the financial of the people as well as the mental problems and pressure caused by the economical problems. They (RC & NC) taught us to live in our society with high dignity and respect.

I have already talked about my problem with all of you earlier, I can't express my thoughts by using the 'Art of Weaving Words'.

Closing Thoughts :→

All the points that I have said from the experience of others, I hope I will fell all these experiences myself from now.

As this my first article I'm pretty sure that I definitely made a bunch of mistakes in writing this writing.

So, I apologize to all of you and I will be highly obliged if you support me and help me to correct my mistakes...



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Written by   15
9 months ago
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Welcome to darling. I love your DN 🤗

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9 months ago

Thank you sooo much for such a warm and kind appreciation. Your words means a lot to me , it will definitely help me to stay firm on By the way can you tell me what is the actual meaning of DN coz I'm unaware of this short form. Thank you

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9 months ago

Welcome to, Ereena!

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9 months ago

Thank you soo much #Bloghound for inspiring and welcoming me. Your comment and love means a lot to me. Stay Safe Stay happy Stay blessed

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9 months ago