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A Day as A Butterfly

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8 months ago

Hello Beautiful Souls of, how was your day?? I want to thank a beautiful and gorgeous butterfly for giving me a fresh idea on this topic which I'm going to write. I was unable to take picture of that butterfly because of it's unstableness and lack of faith on me, but anyway again thanks to her( I don't know what her gender was but I imagined that Butterfly as a female)...

I'm not a professional writer and I never tried to write something even a small paragraph except my exam papers before joining Read.Cash, thanks to this beautiful site for giving me a chance to rectify my mistakes and improve myself and my writing will,skill both.

Language can not define anyone's talent, intelligency, passion, capability, thinking capacity and will power, I believe in this particular line from the bottom of my heart but I also believe in this specific line that the barrier of language is able to inert and reduce someone's thinking capacity and creativity. It is completely true that one can only feel comfortable and ease in their own native language , I'm one of them.. I know four languages and I'm learning one new language too but I never felt easy in those language except my native language coz I can express exact those things I feel in my mind and heart..... I'm not boasting anymore, I just want to take your pardon for my upcoming mistakes that's why I told all this things..

Let's get started___,

Hello People and welcome to my online journal, I hope and wish you will enjoy my article....

WHO AM I ??? My good name is 'Peacock', I know you can easily understand why my parents gave me the name 'Peacock'. I'm the only child of my parents, after two days of my birth my father died since then my mom is trying her best to give the best thing and raise me in a better but Simple way. I have two long wings , my wings are really beautiful and they are deep - red in colour and they has black dots , marks and blue eyes spots (I'm pretty much sure that you have already seen the tail of a peacock just like that ).

I don't know why I always make the sound of hissing ,I already asked my mother about this but she has too no idea about it , she just told me that when we play and rub our two wings both together they makes this kind of sound..

Source- Unsplash


I'm just 1 month old child, and I have learned to speak only three or four words fluently but I can think a lot, I can feel like the vast Ocean.. I have never seen a Ocean with my own eyes__ Have You Ever Seen a Ocean? I always asked this question to everyone. But once, my mother told me that Ocean is a very huge source of water, I can't even imagine how big it is..


I don't know why I don't look like other butterflies or even my mom despite being a butterfly myself. Each and every single soul hates me and calls me an ugly caterpillar, I really don't like this name , I have already told them but unfortunately they never listen to my words.

They say that my appearance is very bad, I had owned the worst body ever, I have a hairy , fat, long , unshaped body.. I don't really understand why my mom and the rest looks so gorgeous, everyone loves them but I look so baad.

I have thought a lot about this issue but I never found a single and proper answer related to my question. One fine morning my mom caught me , after seeing my situation she instantly asked me 'what and why I am thinking so much?'. After remaining silent for quite some time, I gave my mother a healthy explanation about my problem .. My mother smiled little bit and then told me___ when I and every single butterfly was a small child , we too had the same apprearence and looks just like you. We too had asked our parents about our looks.. When I grew up enough to understand something, an unexpected magic happened in my life and after that I have got such a beautiful and charming body and apprearence... Then I listened to the words my mother told me that time very carefully very calmly with a surprising and weird look in my face....

She said that__ "Magic happens in the life of each of us. We just need to wait for that special moment. We just have to love and accept ourselves. Change is truely Beautiful, Necessary and Magical. Each of us has to face the change whether we want or not it doesn't matter. Change and Magic will happen in your life too, wait for that moment calmly".

Source- Unsplash


About 10 days later I woke up from a very long sleep. I have never slept soo much like this. But wait just a minute, I can feel that something has totally changed in me... My mother was very happy after seeing myself and said to me that__"Now you looks like a beautiful grown up butterfly. Take a look at yourself". After hearing her words I saw my reflection in a nearby pond(We use water as a mirror) for the second time ... How Did I Became So Much Beautiful Just Like You? I asked my mother merrily and surprisingly.

She replied to my question in a very deep but low voice__ "Every thing is possible if you believe in yourself and accept yourself happily. Magic happens to those who believe in it, time teaches everyone every single thing but in a very different way in detailed . Just think for once,if you didn't look bad in your past then you will never be able to know how to appreciate this present beauty of yours.

There is something possibilities in each of us, we just need to wait patiently. We all are like a bud of flower, we all will bloom oneday. Some will bloom little bit late and some will bloom a little bit early. Do not hate yourself for the sake of others. You're beautiful. You're worthy. You're perfect.

Don't regret even for once after seeing something or someone, just accept yourself gracefully. Magic will definitely happen in everyone's life.

There are a lot of human being just like me who are suffering from inferiority complex, remember you're beautiful.


Closing Thoughts :— This article is the fruit of my Immature thought and it is 100% unique and all words I used are belongs mine.

I just want to share a message that's why I wrote this article.

Just accept yourself no matter what people say about you. Don't listen to their foolish words, they can deceive you.

Never underestimate the power of yours. You're beautiful. You're special. You're perfect. You're worthy.

Thanks for stopping here and reading my article, I tried my best to give a perfect shape to my thoughts I think I did well if I compare to the other articles of mine. If you like the you can give your valuable advice and guidance in comment section and don't forget to show your love and support, I need the both badly.

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Written by   15
8 months ago
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