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Roof of the Planet Watermelon Shell

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5 months ago
Topics: Atmosphere, Sky, Planet

For the first time that day, the little swallow cub fluttered towards the sky. It opened and closed its wings, opened and closed it… Then it rose higher. He looked down and saw that his nest was far below. Then he looked in front of him, He was like a fish swimming in the blue sea of ​​the sky.

“hello sky,” he called, “hello sun, hello clouds, hello wind, hello moon, hello stars”

He too could now hear the songs of the wind, listen to the tales of the moon, and be friend with the stars. Because he was in the sky now. He was in the endless blue.

We may not be able to rise to the sky by flapping wings like a small swallow. But with one glance, we can dive into the deep blue of the sky.

Come on, wherever we are and whatever we're doing, let's raise our heads and watch the sky for a while.

If you have noticed, the sky has a different blue beauty at every hour of the day. In the morning, he sends us sweet breezes that enter our room through the open window. At noon, the clouds dance on its blue streets with happiness and enthusiasm. In the evening, it offers a unique view that turns into a red color as the sun goes down, for us to watch side by side with our lover. At night, the sky becomes a different world. The stars and the moon, which are hidden from the eyes during the day, adorn the sky brightly, just like a ballroom.

It's always nice to watch the sky. An endless blue… a very deep blue…

Have you looked carefully, can you see any cracks or roughness?

No matter how much we look, what we can see is a magical blue. No matter how hard we try, we cannot see what is behind that blue.

Well, have you ever thought, what is behind that magical blue?

This deep and magical blue, that is, the atmosphere that surrounds our world, actually consists of many layers. We live in the troposphere, which is the layer closest to our earth. All celestial events and clouds also occur in this layer. Troposphere is the most suitable layer for living things. The other layers are as follows: Stratosphere, ozonosphere, mesosphere, thermoster, ionosphere and exosphere. How many layers are there, right? The sky consists of 7 layers. These seven layers come together to form the atmosphere.

The atmosphere surrounds our world like a watermelon peel. The harder the watermelon rind, the harder it is. In fact, the atmosphere is a layer as hard and durable as concrete. The reason it is tough is to protect the world. Because many small and large meteorites can come to our world from space. Thanks to the atmosphere, these meteorites cannot damage our world by colliding. In addition, it filters all harmful rays in space so that living things on earth can continue their lives. Therefore, the atmosphere has a very important task.

So, if we think of the earth as a big house, the sky is really like a ceiling that protects us humans.

Yes, tonight I told my nephews this story instead of a fairy tale. They love the bedtime stories I tell. I both entertain them and help them learn something. Our lesson today was the sky.

I hope you liked my story too. See you…

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Written by   180
5 months ago
Topics: Atmosphere, Sky, Planet
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