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Did the USA Fall in Love with Facebook's DIEM?

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3 months ago

Cryptocurrency regulations continue to occupy the world's agenda. We continue to evaluate the reasons underlying the US insistence on regulations from different perspectives.

Today, we will try to understand not only economic but also political reasons from a broader perspective.

Let's brainstorm together.

China has completely banned cryptocurrency activities. The US and European governments have been repeating for months that they want to make regulations. I think we are slowly coming to the end of this process now. In fact, different decisions taken by countries on different fronts of the world may be an indication of the struggle at the top of the world. The battle over the cryptocurrency market may be bigger than we think.

So what are you actually fighting for?

The reasons for the countries advocating the regulation of cryptocurrencies are the same. They need to make sense of edit requests, and they do. Because they need to convince the world public that what they are doing is right. Just like the US invading countries saying it will bring democracy. Although the reason is to bring democracy, the main aim is to exploit. It's about convincing the world you're doing the right thing.

All the countries that want to regulate say the same thing as they agreed. “Terrorist financing and money laundering”

It's like they've memorized it. It's like watching a game over and over. Always the same words. OK, we understand. Don't repeat like a parrot. Tell me what your real purpose is.

We must admit that cryptocurrencies are assets that can be used in illegal organizations due to their infrastructure. However, in the past, there was already illegal trading in fiat currencies. There is such a truth.

The main purpose of the countries that want regulation is to dominate the new economic order to be built on cryptocurrencies. This will also bring a political advantage. Economy and politics are factors that support each other. We can call them two brothers. The third brother is a little bad. War. All of these concepts are considered as siblings in the literature. Economy, politics and war.

The powers that want to dominate the world through countries such as China and the USA are now fighting for cryptocurrencies. I think China's ban decision and the US's insistence on correction are evaluated in this way.

I am someone who is curious about what is going on in the world and likes to think about what is going on. I try to analyze and combine developments as if they were pieces of a big puzzle.

Some investigative writers that I follow constantly think that the USA wants to make Diem the official currency instead of the dollar, and to have it accepted by other countries by making a new Bretton Woods agreement.

If the US achieves this, the world's reserve currency will still remain US money. If it fails to do so, its economy will collapse because the US generates revenue through its financial operations. The production capacity of the USA alone is not enough to sustain the country's economy. Numbers always tell the truth.

Honestly, this idea didn't seem too far-fetched to me. As you know, Diem is a stablecoin that Facebook will launch. The US has been focusing on the regulation of stablecoins lately. Moreover, the USA is the most indebted country in the world and its economy is getting worse day by day. Likewise, the economic situation in Europe is not very bright.

The USA has to establish a new economic order in line with its own interests in order to improve its own economy and to control the world economy. In order for the US to accept the new Bretton Woods deal it wants to make over Diem, it has to convince its rivals in the other bloc. The biggest power among these countries is China, which is considered as the economic engine of the world.

I think that the USA will do its best to force the countries in the other bloc to a new economic agreement by using its current political and military power. If a new economic order is established on cryptocurrencies and the USA does not get the position it wants, it will be politically and economically disintegrated.

If countries such as China, Russia and the UK do not welcome this innovation, more serious economic and political struggles may arise. In fact, many thinkers think that the possibility of a hot war is not too distant.

I'm only talking about theory. However, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a convergence between DIEM and the USA in the near future. Actually, I think that the interruption in Facebook last week is a part of this process. Can someone hit Facebook for Diem?

As someone who closely follows both the world agenda and the crypto money market, I wanted to evaluate the developments from a different perspective.

Please share your thoughts if you have been patient and read to the end. Thanks…

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Written by   150
3 months ago
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"The main purpose of the countries that want regulation is to dominate the new economic order to be built on cryptocurrencies. " I have always thought this and I think the statement bears repeating. I'm in the USA and if the USA fell in love with Facebook's DIEM, nobody told me! As a matter of fact, I'm kind of thinking the USA is falling out of love with a lot of things about Facebook.

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3 months ago

The US may have plans for Diem. This is just a theory. I'm glad you agree with me that they want to dominate the new economic order with cryptocurrencies. I'm not alone :) I'm also curious about your opinion on my "Big Data War" writing.

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3 months ago