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Dream of all Disabled Person

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1 month ago

In this life there are different types of people, there are people who are wealthy, people who are in good health and bad health, people who contented in a simple life and many other types of person. If a wealthy man living in a rich life he can't wish anything since money is not a problem to him, there are also people who experience poverty and wishing to become rich, always asking a question why I born in this state of life in which I need to work hard to earn money, also asking why God doing this to me, I suppose to not experience failures and pain in life.

Mostly people who always complain about the status of their life is those person who don't appreciate what they have, they didn't know that the most important thing in life is our health and family. Always complaining that this life is full of challenges and they dont resist it anymore, in a simple challenge they already give up eventhough they can do it. There are also lazy people which choose to ask for help to others even though they have complete senses, complete arms and legs but they are on highways and streets asking for donation and foods from others, its understandable for the others but for some beggars who just wait for someone to give them money makes me disgusted since they have no disability and they can find even a simple job but they are still asking for money and foods from others.

People don't realize that there are people who dream to hear, see, and walk, those people are disabled, maybe they get in inborn or in accident, they are dreaming to become a normal person, even those people rich but with disability wants to throw all their money just to feel how to become a normal person, and you? yes you, your complaining that your life is miserable because you can't resist the difficulty of challenges in life?, don't you know that there are people who have bigger problem than yours?. Its sad to say that normal person judge them, I saw many times that there are disabled person walking on street and normal persons looking them as they are not belong to society, there are judgements in their eyes, maybe I'm just confuse if its judgements or pity for the situation it experience.

Its sad of reality of life that there are unlucky people who have disability but its happy to say that even those disabled person can change everyones mindset, there are disable person who became successful and share their ideas to other people, their disability didn't stop them to become successful, they proved that being a normal person cannot indicate that you can do everything and become successful, even a person will disability can do an actions to change their life as long as they have hope and determination in life.

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Written by   5
1 month ago
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