Bitcoin Spikes Ahead Of $34,000, Crypto Market Back on the run with $1.5T

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Bitcoin Spikes Ahead Of $34,000, Crypto Market Back on the run with $1.5T

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Ethereum and the top 20 cryptocurrencies record a significant rise and profit by 6%. Bitcoin rushes towards reaching the $40,000 mark by pushing the Crypto Market Back Above $1.5 Trillion, says the Research Team from Giottus Cryptocurrency Exchange. Bitcoin cracked the $38,000 level this morning subsequently wavering near the $34,000 mark all day long.


A crazy morning reality that beheld a growth of 10% – more than $3,000 increase in price. Also, $100M worth shorts were liquidated in this period. Bitcoin futures moving towards the Binance exchange spiked to $48,000 levels shortly. Considerations of Amazon allowing crypto transactions later this year has driven this sudden surge.

Bitcoin trade extents across markets grew steading by over 62% today on the back of the assembly. Bitcoin settled the day at $38,170, achieving 12% early this morning. With BTC back on track, the global crypto market cap achieved a mark of $1.52 trillion after recording a notable rise of 8%. It was the highest end in more than a month. Trade amounts plunged by 28%, say reports.

Ethereum cryptocurrency stretched its profits by more than 6% by breaking the $2,300 level and fording the psychological stand at $2,200. ETH noticed significant gains of around 23% over the last seven days. It is mostly expected to carry on its bull rush if it cuts out the $2,400 mark in the upcoming days. 

The best part is all the top 20 cryptocurrencies possess significant profits at the end of the day. Dogecoin along with Chainlink, Polkadot, Polygon and a few other cryptos witnessed a 15% growth. BTC’s exceptional rise increased its dominance around 48%, with a profit of approximately 2% throughout the day. If this continues to move smoothly, it can potentially examine its twenty-week simple moving average at $43,000 levels in the future. 


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