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Value of Engineers in Pakistan?

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1 year ago

What is an Engineer?

Engineer is a person whose responsibility is to invent or build a machine, maintain and control a mechanical equipments.

Engineer Vs Scientists?

Scientists are those who discover things that exist in this world while Engineers invent machines by that never used to exist in this world.

Engineer's Value in Pakistan?

There is approx no value of an Engineer in Pakistan as a lot of Engineers are Jobless, some are applying to those fields thye have never heard about. If Someone gets jobs in a small company he wil be paid like a helper is paid. Starting of these Engineers in small companies is around 20 thousands or approx 120 dollars. If we talk about Big companies, they select engineers without merit and if there is merit then they take bribes. You may offence me but i want to clear that i mean mostly companies do this not All companies.

Why there is no value?

The reason is that Universities in Pakistan are making Engineers in a large quantity while the job opportunities is not 10% of it that results in so much Jobless engineers and to survive in this world an engineer have to work in any conditions. They are paid very low, treated like a helper, demotivated like a looser etc.

What could be a solution?

Government should make a policy that no university will make any engineer for some years as the Jobless can avail the new opportunities creating in Companies. After that these universities would be allowed to mke engineers in a limited quantity with respect to job market.

Another Possible Reason?

There could be more reasons to value an Engineer. As different people have different mind and thoughts. So whoever is reading this article kindly comment a solution that you feel can overcome this issue. Your this effort cn resolve a big problem of Engineers in Pakistan.

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1 year ago
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