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Students should embrace #MGTOW as the complexity of the legal landscape in universities increases.

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The Age of Affirmative Consent - or why students should embrace MGTOW as a solution to the increased complexity of the legal landscape in universities across the US.


Many states in the US have some version of an “affirmative consent” law either passed or in process.

It works like this: if you are in college and ask a woman on a date, and she accepts, but during that date, you reach over to take her hand, she can accuse you of sexual assault.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The rationale? You touched her before you asked her. And before waiting for an affirmative consent (e.g., “Yes, you may hold my hand”). If she does say “Yes” at the hand-holding stage, you must nevertheless repeat your request for an affirmative consent each time you desire increased intimacy (e.g., a kiss on the lips; then a tongue kiss).

Chances are that very few women will respond with an accusation of sexual assault at the hand-holding stage. But should you and the woman end up in a relationship, and you break up with her, or you are found to be having another relationship, or did not tell her you were in a relationship when you asked her out, she, in a fit of anger, could report you to the college authorities because she felt that being sexual with you was something she wouldn’t have done had she known that.

In most cases, you are not entitled to face your accuser with a lawyer by your side.

No due process for the accused because of how the Office for Civil Rights, under Title IX, requires a “preponderance of evidence standard” as opposed to a “clear and convincing evidence” standard for convicting an accused male student.

Even if she later retracts her claim, saying she had consented but was angry at you for breaking up with her, the Title IX investigator of her claim is not allowed to drop the claim of assault.

Nor is the investigator allowed to write in his or her report that she changed her assessment– that she had consented.

This atmosphere of “believe her”— without corroborating evidence is making many teenage males afraid of dating a woman.

Given all the pitfalls that await and the risks involved, it’s amazing that college age men would even make the effort.

The solution? Avoid relationships on Campus, keep women at bay, and focus on your studies. Embrace MGTOW as a solution to the increased complexity of the legal landscape in universities across the US.

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1 year ago
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