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A Waifu-like universe will be amazing

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2 months ago

In these days it is quite impossible for me to take into account all novelties in crypto/decentralized/non fungible world. It seems like a galaxy that enters another and so on and so on.

Waifu project, based on BCH blockchain, entered phase 2: after the big airdrop of 20k Waifus NFT, a nice marketplace (alpha) has been released here:

I like so much the marketplace. I used the support service by chat, very fast, very clear. I think that the Waifu economy will raise. Good job guys!

My first Waifu NFT is listed. She is Mirei Miki, and is waiting for your first purchase (0.002 BCH).

Minao Morinaga is my first purchase. I paid it 50 cents, more or less. She entered my Unlisted assets section of NFT wallet in Juungle, and she'll stay there for a long long time.

As you can see above you have a simple GUI and you can directly choose to Sell directly to Juungle marketplace (it's very very easy) or to withdraw to your SLP wallet (for example Electron Cash Wallet). This is the simple form you have to compile in order to sell your Waifu:

How to buy your Waifu? In the marketplace you can sort items ordered for date, price, oldest and newest and you can choose the best for you. When you find it you click over your preferred Waifu and you find this form and the BCH address to buy NFT.

Keep ready with your BCH wallet, for example I use Electron Cash. You have 180 seconds to send money, but don't worry: if you're a slow payer you'll try again and you'll have the same address. Send the required money to the address. Therefore this new form will open:

Folllow me here:

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Written by   25
2 months ago
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Woooooow! Buying (and selling) Waifus? The world really is an interesting place. :) what a time to be alive. I did not know this kind of marketplace existed but then again I'm always surprised finding new things in the web. This is just amazing.

P.s. thank you so much for the sponsorship. :)

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1 month ago