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The first guerrilla of the titans.

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The first guerrilla of the Titans and the ascension of Jesus

These two women, including the Cronos, are still alive. In the general sense, the descendants who died in the name of the second Edad. As it turned out, his hijos of Cronos and Rea had left behind the title of Titan de Segunda Edad, but he had to take his place in the Olympic Games in Monte Olympiad, again at the Olympic Games. Three millennia of tigers and three millennia of oceans, descendants of Oceanus and Tetis Titans, also named Titans. The only exceptions are the Oceanid Sticks and her favorite Metis. These two are considered simultaneously like Oceanid and Titán. Newly, to be a titan of the second edad, ambus padres tienen que ser titan, pero no eso. For example, Titan Yapetus and Oceanid (his deities Oceanus and Tethys) are the most important Titans of the second century, most important in Climen or Atlas, Minotius, Prometheus and Epimetheus. Most notables enter the titans of the second period of Leto and Asteria, the heroes of Titan Chaos and Phoebe, and Perses, Pallas and Estris, the heroes of Titan Crias and Eurabius (Gaia and Pontas). They also named him after Titian Hyperion and his son Theia, Helias and his men, the Titans of Segunda Edad.

Without it, the Olympians decided to destroy the power of the Cronus. It is said to declare the guerrillas in the Cronos. The first battalion of the Mitología griega fue the battalion of Titanomaki or Titán. On the battlefield, other Titanes will search for ayudar and cronos. This book is the Poderoso Atlas. This fight is far more difficult than the Olympics. The Cronos to save the Cronos, the same time that the Curonos to save, because the Cronos always had the new opportunity of the newcomers.

The Olympics come to Luchar from Monte Olympo and the Titanes come to Luchar from Monte Atheros. The two columns were established in Tesalia, Olympo al norte and Atheros al sur.

When the battle was fought, there were more and more differences, and when the Olympics were more and more difficult, Zeus was an unknown. There was once a primordial goddess named Hécate, who was the daughter of Perseus and Easter of the second century. Some call it Hekate el Titán de la Tercera Edad. Also give to the human beings (humanos of the Edad de Oro) riqueza, victoria, conocimiento, marineros y cazadores, buena suerte y juventud mejorada, pero si algún humano no quería todas est kasas, las recuperaría de immediato. Hesíodo fue el que más resótó a Hécate en su teogonía. Hécate era la reina de la noche y la diosa de Chaumatha. At the same time, it was the day of magic, the day, the day and the day. He participated in the recluse of the lion, the tierra and the infirm, because his father, like the diosa of the luna, the diosa of the fertilizer (tierra) and the diosa of the infamund were also important. Jesus knows that there is no special benefit from Hecat. As for Styx (Styx r ,o), the ocean of Oceanus and Tetys, was the first to go to Olympus with his hijas to help Zeus. For this reason, Zeus is the number one of the palms (which is the lowest number in the palm of the hand) and allows the palms of the palms (Nike, Zelos, Kratos and Biya) to live. .

Ninguna titán femenina participó en esta batalla. From all of Hiran's Urano and Gaia, Oceanus permanently neutral. Prometheus was the son of Titan Yapetus and Oceanid Clymen (o Asia). The comrades of the guerrilla, the god of the Titanic Themis know that in this guerrilla, the stupids of the Violence will not grow, the astucia will grow. Promise the school, it was a visionary and a visionary. As Titans perceived neutrally as the comrades of the guerrillas, but he kept the lap of Zeus from his lap and arranged for his father Yapetus and his herdsman Atlas to help Zeus. Even the youngest of the acoustics, Epimeteo, the other promenade of the Prometheus, is one of the Prometheus in the number of the Olympic goddesses in the Battle of Titán.

Includes Ninguno de los bandos pudo ganar la guerra. Asa pasaron unos diez años. (¡La Batalla de Troya también duró diez años!) Gaia le dice a Zeus que si Hekatankhiras y Cyclops son liberados del cautiverio en el inframundo, si ayudan a Zeus en la batalla, Zeus tiene la oportunidad de ganar la batalla. Jesus came to the infamous and the guardians of the Dragon of Campamento and liberated the Hecatonchiras and Caclopes, alimentándolos con nectar and ambrosaa, to see them again.

Jesus told Hekatonkhiras and he said: "Let him say that he is in my heart, his trajectories of Gaia and Urano". There are a lot of them here and there against the Cronos and other Titanes, but we can't do it. But if we sign the sign of our fuerza, the Titans can be derrotados. Debes record that you trajectory of the oscillation abyss to the world of luz. "In response, Cottus, one of the Hekatonkhiras, promotes the love of Jesus.

The fountains of the first herds of this universe. In the process of the liberation of the cautiver, convincing Zeus in a ray, that Argus offered a luminosity, rayos of Brontes and luz estereoespacial. The cyclops also contained the cascades of the Trident and the Poseidon cabezas, which, when it was used, implied other titans, including the Cronos, and the Olympics. Los Hekatonkhiras, por otro lado, arrojaron incansablemente piedras iguales a cien colinas a los Titanes. As for the guerrilla, he won the Olympics

Disputes of the guerrilla, the main part of Titan fue captured in Tartarus. The leader of the Hekatonkhiras era Briares, who was named after the Hekatonkhiras pair with Zeus Brieres to protect the Titans cautivos. Atlas, the lord of the Titans, received a different castigo. Sostovo el cielo sobre su hombro por la eternidad. This castigo is the most expensive atlas since it was enclosed in Tártaro. Cronos, for the second time, inevitably this cautiousness in the Tartarus despises the Battle of Tit ,n, but he loves the isla of the dead, where the signs of the valence and the pleasures of the dead, . Some say they are convinced in the relay of the dead.

Influence all kinds of castigos, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades come to disclose who will be the governor of Lugar. Luchar's cancers, the Olympians declared by lottery that Hades would be the infamous governor, the king of all the dead. Poseidon shared reino sobro todos los mares y todas las aguas de la tierra. And Zeus is the rey of the chiles, and like hay cielo in the cielo and the cielo cuber the tierra, Zeus is the rey of all the gods.

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Nice story.

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