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Shekh saadi.

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2 years ago

The king's severe illness. He stays in bed all day. The body is weak

Is happening. The voice is fading. There is no happiness in the mind. To work


He has no hope of survival. The king understood that death was his

He came to the door and attacked. Doctors came from far and wide. Miscellaneous

Gave medicine. But nothing is of any use.

Everyone is very worried.

The doctor came from Iran-Turan. The doctor came from Kabul-Kandahar

From Finally a doctor came from Greece.

Greek doctors performed various tests for several days

To the king. He pressed the pulse and saw. Took body heat.

Then he said, this is a big difficult disease. However, there is a treatment.

A young boy is needed, from whose heart medicine must be made.

The king will be healed by that medicine.

The king's illness.

Need a young boy. Lake spread to the side

Fell. A boy was also found while searching. The boy's father is Takar

In exchange, he sold the boy to the king's henchmen

Near. I also got a huge amount of money.

And Kazi ruled in court that it was wrong to kill this boy

Not working anywhere. Because, in exchange for the trivial life of this boy, the king's

Precious lives will be saved.

| The boy smiles all the time when he sees these incidents. Executioner him

He is being taken to the slaughterhouse to be killed. From his heart

Medicines will be made. The boy then looked at the sky and sighed

Began to laugh.

The king was behind. She was shocked to hear the boy laugh


He will die a little later! He will fall to the ground

Beautiful body. But why does the boy smile openly? The king to him


Why are you smiling like this in the face of death?

The boy smiled and said - Alas, my life! I will laugh

Tell me who will laugh at him? The responsibility of parents is to protect their children. But

See, my father sold me for some money.

Why do people go to the court of Qazi? With the hope of justice.

However, Mr. Kazi unjustly sided with the king. To kill me

He gave the order. And what is the king's duty? The king is there

Protect the poor, oppressed and downtrodden. But now

What is going to happen in my life? The king to save his own life

Insulting the lives of others. But the other's life is also his own

Very precious to him he he did not remember this little thing.

Alas! I will die soon. I will laugh - or who will laugh!

I am the only one who sees these games of the world

I can laugh.

The king was surprised to hear this. Infinite affection for the boy

He became tired. He set the boy free.

And surprisingly

Shortly afterwards, the king's illness was cured. She is completely healthy


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Written by   19
2 years ago
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