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History of mummy preservation in ancient Egypt

The pyramids were usually built as tombs for the then pharaohs. The dead bodies of the pharaohs were mummified and buried in pyramids.

Again there were many corpses which were buried after being transformed into mummies even though the pyramids were not built. The Egyptians believed that life existed after death. That is why they did not bury the bodies of their relatives in the normal way after death.

There was a fancy method behind making mummies out of corpses. In this way the mummies were preserved in such a way that they did not rot. From about three thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ, they used to bury the dead in a special way while lying in an underground room. In most cases, they made mummies in the heart of the desert to bury the dead. There was a difference between the rich, the prominent and the common people in this burial. Memories were preserved by building pyramids on the tombs of rich or distinguished people.

The corpses began to rot a few days later, so preserving them intact in a pyramid or tomb was a difficult test for them. So the Egyptians used a special scientific method to keep the corpses intact in pyramids or tombs. Which is called mummy preservation method. In the early days, the way they preserved mummies did not last long.

After a few days, the corpses would be destroyed due to a defect in the method of making mummies. As a result, the Egyptians tried to resort to a new method. As a new method, they used to cut out some of the limbs that were likely to rot after death. Those organs included the stomach, the brain, the lungs, the liver, and so on. They would then immerse the dismembered body parts in four special containers of chemicals. After a few hours, they were replaced with corpses. The corpse was then salted and placed in the hot sun to dry. After drying the corpse in the sun for a few days, the cut part of the corpse's abdomen was sewn very carefully so that no air could enter the corpse's stomach.

Then a bowl of pine tree waste or glue was rubbed on the corpse and the table was well coated, then the corpse was made quite thick by wrapping it in a wide strip of linen cloth. Linen fabrics are airproof. As a result, air cannot penetrate it easily. After wrapping the cloth, the mummy was kept in a wooden box with a lid, covered with linen cloth. Then they would start burying the dead body.

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Written by   19
2 years ago
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