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Mysterious mirder

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2 years ago

Mysterious murder


Mysterious murder

OC Mahfuzur Rahman has been depressed since morning. He is sipping a cup of tea looking at the thick black clouds and trying to find the answer to a question again and again. Rahman came to Sylhet from Dhaka yesterday as he was given the responsibility of investigating the incident. He went to the morgue yesterday and saw the body. The horrible wound on his neck and scars all over his body made him think. This is the first such incident in his career. It seemed to him.

After tea, he left for Ahsanul Karim's tea garden bungalow to talk to Survir's brothers to investigate the incident with Constable Atik. After a long time, he asked Atik.


- Yes sir

-Do you think the girl was attacked by a ferocious animal or has a human hand in it?

- I don't understand, sir.

-I mean, if you notice a very simple time, you will understand that if the girl died in the attack of a ferocious animal, then the body should not be eaten.

- That's why Sir didn't say anything bad.

- Hmm. Well, how far is Mr. Ahsanul's bungalow?

- Sir, the house you are looking at is Ahsanul Saheb's bungalow house.

-Oh, let's go inside.

- Yes, let's go.

As they were about to enter, a man came up to them and said,

-Who do you want?

- Is this Mr. Ahsanul's bungalow?

- Yes, but who are you?

- Yes, I am OC Mahfuzur Rahman and this is Constable Atiq. We have come to investigate the death of Survi. But who are you?

- My name is Giya Majid Mia. For many years I have been living in this house for a long time. Afamni was a very good person. I said before that Thahada will not be fine here. That ghost blew myra in Afar till the end. (Saying this Majid Mia started crying)


- Ha bhoot. There is a ghost of Maia in this house, sir. As soon as it is night, you can hear the sound of a maya's cry and smile. You can also hear the sound of anklets. No one can stay in the aisle for more than two or three days. But no one believed my Katada. I told Saggolre to be careful. On the same day, I saw Afar smiling in the evening and he was dead near us (he started crying again).

- Stop, stop. Don't cry like this. We may need you for future investigation. So whenever I call, you have to go to the police station and don't try to go anywhere until the investigation is over.

-Aichha. (Wiping his eyes)

-Hmm. Do you all have masters?

- No, Mr. Chhota went to Dhaka city the day before he lost Afami. And there is also a big man.

- Well, you can come. But remember what I said.

- Mr. Aichha.

Saying this, the two of them went upstairs and Majid Mia left. As he got up, Atiq said,

-Sir, we see the type of murder, I think the murder is the work of an animal. But now the caretaker of the house Majid Mia says this work is the work of a ghost?

This is his misconception. Because there is no such thing as a ghost. And if we continue to talk about ghosts, it will seem ridiculous to everyone. Instead, we should pay more attention to the investigation. And to reveal the real facts behind the mystery.

- Yes sir.

As soon as he got up, he saw Mr. Rafi sitting on the balcony in a wheelchair looking at the picture of his sister.

-Assalamualaikum Rafi Sahib

- Walaikumussalam I didn't know you well

-Yes, it is normal not to know. I am OC Mahfuzur Rahman and this is Constable Atiq.

-Yes, sit down. (Pushing the chair forward)

- Thank you. In fact, we have come to investigate the cause of your sister's death. And I hope you will help us to investigate.

On hearing this, Mr. Rafi cried and said

-What harm did my sister do, for which my sister had to suffer and die?

- Look, we understand your state of mind. But what to do, what was supposed to happen has happened. No one has a hand in fate. Besides, we don't know whether the animal died in the attack or there is some other reason behind your sister's death. If you could help us with some information, our investigation would be very good.

-Yes, I'm ready to help.

Thank you. Then tell me what has happened since the day you came.

-Then listen

Survi's exam ended a few days ago. After the exam, he insisted on going to this tea garden bungalow to spend his vacation. We didn't go anywhere because of our busy schedule. We were less busy and two brothers and Survi came here to visit together. Uncle used to take care of everything for us. When I woke up yesterday morning, I saw that the main door of the bungalow was open. Then I went to Surbhi's room and saw that the door was open and he was not in the room. I thought he might have gone around somewhere. And I started looking for Majid Mia. At one point, while searching, I found Survir's wounded body inside the tea garden. (Saying this, he started crying again.)

- Stop, Mr. Rafi. Don't cry like that. Well, I don't see your younger brother

- The day before Survi's death, he went to Dhaka at noon to work at his varsity.

- Oh well. How long have you been here?

- It's been five days.

- Oh, how long did you want to stay?

- It's been about a month.

- Oh. Well, the caretaker of the bungalow was saying that there is a haunt of ghosts in the bungalow.

-Yes, such words come every night from the day after coming.

- All right. Your sister's body will be handed over today. No one from your family will come?

- Yes, my younger brother and Mejha uncle will come and take the body away.

-Oh well then let's say goodbye like today. We may need you later.

-Of course you will find me by your side in any need.

-Thanks. Come today.

Saying this, Mahfuzur Rahman and Atiq started coming towards the police station

- Sir, this incident seems strange to me. We think it is an attack of an animal, but Majid Mia again says it is the work of a ghost.

-Hmm. But we have to investigate from all sides. This may also be the work of a human being. But until the postmortem report is available, it is not known exactly who committed the murder.

- Yes sir. I agree with you.

After that Mahfuzur Rahman started shadow investigation till he got the postmortem report. On the afternoon of receiving the report, Mahfuzur Rahman called Mr. Rafi to the police station.

- I can come

- Oh Mr. Rafi, come on. Sit down (showing the chair).


-Hmm. What do you eat hot or cold?

- No, don't eat anything.

- Oh well. You must have got the report?

- Yes. I got it.

- I had suspected before that the murder was not committed by any animal. The murder was committed by a human being. But it said that you would have committed the murder?

- What do you mean?

-I wanted to say that it could be that he killed his honest sister out of greed for property.

-Look, yes, I agree that Surbhi is my honest sister, but we have a very good relationship with our siblings. We never had a quarrel.

- Hmm, I understand. But why haven't you gone back to Dhaka yet with your brothers?

- I will not return to Dhaka until I can catch my sister's killer.

-Well. I was saying that as long as you are here, I will send people for your safety.

- He won't need it, Mr. OC. I can provide my own security.

-Hmm, I understand that when you don't take people, either do something or keep this pistol (with a pistol forward) with you all the time.

- You have a pistol.

- No problem. I have the power to give it to you. But when the work is over, give it to me.

- Well, can I come today?

- Yes, of course. But be careful.

- All right

After saying this, Mr. Rafi came back to the bungalow. He came home and looked at the pistol. He saw the loaded pistol. Seeing the three bullets inside the pistol, he got angry. After seeing the pistol, he put it under the pillow and ate and lay down. He woke up when he was feeling drowsy. Every night he heard the feminine cries and the sound of anklets. He took the pistol from under the pillow and ran towards the word. He shouted who you want. As soon as he came down, he heard the sound of gunfire and fired three shots and was hit by someone. At the same time he heard the sound of revolver from behind and looked back. He saw OC Mahfuzur Rahman and some constables behind him firing at the sound. He said to Mr. Rafi

- Are you all right?

- Yes, I'm fine, but are you here?

We came to find your sister's killer and hopefully got it.


- You sit here, I'm coming

After saying this, OC Mahfuzur Rahman took some constables to the house of caretaker Majid Mia. But when he went, he saw Majid Mia lying on the blanket. He lifted the blanket and saw that he was groaning with high fever. As soon as he looked up, he saw that he had been shot in the leg and was bleeding from the wound.

- What Majid Mia. If you were the originator of so many things?

- No, I mean ...

-And it means there is no profit. All your bad deeds are clear to us. So tell me who killed Suravi and why did you show them the fear of ghosts?

-Sir Ra doesn't come for a long time and after selling the house of Mr. Mui and Teka Kamabai's Laigga, I wanted to leave this Han Theikkya. But when Saheb came, everything was ruined. Amago sab kata shuinna felai. And when Saebgo comes to say this kata tahan e with a knife to cut the throat and hand in such a way that I think it is the work of an animal.

- And when he saw that Mr. Rafi was not leaving here, he planned to kill him too, right?

- H. Saheb, I will not do such thing in my life again. Saheb forgave Laigga this time

- No one will forgive you. Take it to Hasib.

The next morning, Mahfuzur Rahman called the police station and told Rafi Sahib everything. Rafi Sahib heard everything and said

- I'm safe today. You're trying to catch my sister's killer. I don't know how to thank you.

- Mr. Rafi, it is the responsibility of our police. We are also happy that we have caught your sister's killer.

- Today I will leave for Dhaka after a while. Pray for me.

- Yes, of course. He will pray for me.

- Yes, come today

-Come on

Then Mr. Rafi went back to his urban life in Dhaka. And Mahfuzur Rahman also went to investigate maybe some new strange incident. There are many mysterious events in the world which usually remain just a mystery. No matter how much the truth is covered with lies, the truth will come out one day or another at its own address.

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Written by   19
2 years ago
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Thanks guys it's nice to know about it since you wrote an article I can't say anymore

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