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languae movement.

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Language movement

From Dhaka on March 19, 1948, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the chief architect and governor of Pakistan. This was his first visit to Oriental Pakistan after visiting the Indian subcontinent. On the 21st of March he received a public announcement on the Hipódromo Maidan (aka Suhrawardy Udyan) which pronounced a discourse. In its discourse, it refers to the linguistic movement as a conspiracy to divide the Muslims of Pakistan. Given that the provincial idiom of the Bengali Oriental is determined by the idioma of the inhabitants of the province; But declares equally: "The Urdu will be the only idiom in the state of Pakistan, no other idiom".

"The conspiracies among the old men are the enemies of Pakistan and we will not be afraid", advises. One of the students and the people present at the protest against the negative comments of Jinnah. The Urdu will be the only idiom in Pakistan; This declaration unilaterally informs the manifestants. On the 24th of March, the Curzon Hall of the Universidad de Dhaka and a similar declaration. I realized that the movement was a manifestation of miracles and that some people were trying to satisfy their personal interests at the time of the tragedy. While reading his position on Urdu, the present students gathered in unison, saying that no.

The same day, a delegation from the Rashtrabhasha Sangram Parishad met with Jinnah and emitted a memorandum that convinced the Bengalis in the state of affairs. The delegations included Shamsul Haque, Kamruddin Ahmed, Abul Kashem, Tajuddin Ahmed, Mohammad Toaha, Aziz Ahmed, Oli Ahad, Naimuddin Ahmed, Shamsul Alam and Nazrul Islam. But Jinnah accepted the agreement with Khwaja Nazimuddin for considerable unilateral and submissive action. The reunion will start in the middle of a lot of debate and discussion. The students presented a memorandum to Jinnah for the Bengali fuera the idiom of the state. [24] Jinnah left Dhaka on March 26 and returned to his previous position in a radio discourse like this. After the salute of Jinnah of Dhaka, he celebrated a reunion between the BCL and the Tamuddan Majlis, where Shamsul Alam, the organizer of the Tamuddan Majlis, joined the friends of Mohammad Toaha. [26] More often than not, the leukemia leukemia of the camouflage.

Visit of Liaquat Ali Khan in Dhaka

On 17 November 1947, the first prime minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan, visited Oriental Pakistan. On November 26, he was reunited with a group of students at the University of Dhaka. In this reunion, the demand for bengal from Bengal is newly planted in the credentials of the Central Union of Students of the University of Dhaka, but without comment. Aziz Ahmed, Abul Kashem, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Kamruddin Ahmed, Abdul Mannan, Tajuddin Ahmed and others prepared a memorandum and a reunion of the Committee on the Establishment of Idiomas Estates presided over by Ataur Rahman Khan on November 17 and announced the appointment of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali. Kan. The First Ministries also responded in this case.

Sugar solutions for idiom problems:

Poco looked, the Committee of Bengali Oriental Identities, encapsulated by Maulana Akram Khan, to form an explanation of the problem of the idioma of the Gobi of the Oriental Bengal, and to prepare an information about the ascent. [36] Crea; Since then, it has not been published since 1958. There is already a clear idea of ​​a system to solve the problem of idiom, in which it is recommended to write in Bengali alphabet.

1952: Linguistic renaissance movement

A study by students of Universidad Nawabpur Jagannath (JU) (introduced by Jagannath College) on 4 February 1952. Basically it was just a joke from Jinnah and said that Urdu would be the idiom of the Pakistani state. In his discourse, which was transmitted live on the radio, many admirers who did not know were able to see the prosperity of the state with two idiosyncrasies. In protest against the discourse of Nazimuddin, the Rashtrabhasha Sangram Parishad celebrates a reunion of the protest on the 29th of January and a student study in Dhaka on the 30th. This day, the students, including the students, reunited in the office of the Universidad de Dhaka and decided to hold a rally and protest. reunion el 4 de febrero y un hartal en toda la provincia el 21 de febrero. Most recently the Burdwan House (now Academia Bangla) with its process. On the 31st of January, 1952, a reunion was celebrated at the Biblioteca del Colegio de Abogados de la Universidad de Dhaka, to form a Consulate of the Central Establishment of Trabajadores de Lengua de Bajao Maulana Bhasani. From the reunion he decided to go to the prophet's house to write in Bengali and write the letter and help the decisive tomada in the reunion of the 30th to observe the huelga. Adopt a detailed plan of action for hartals, metines and processions on February 21.

Following the final decision, the students of the Universidad of Dhaka and other educational institutions were reunited with the installations of the Universidad of Dhaka on 4 February. The reunion protest against the proposition of writing Bengali in the Arabic alphabet and exiting to adopt the Bengali as lengua state. The students realized a great manifestation in the final of their manifestation.

On the 20th of February, the goblins, the trav tras of the local administration, forbade the reunions, the mittens and the proceedings in Dhaka a long time ago a part of the 21st of February and the commemoration of the 144th article. The students of the University of Dhaka 144 Celebrating reunions in different salas. Una reunión de todos los partidos Rashtrabhasha Karmi Parishad se llevó a cabo en la oficina central de la Liga Musulmana Awami en 94 Nawabpur Road la noche del 20 de febrero bajo la presidencia de Abul Hashim. Even some members of the council were in favor of defending the prohibition, finally deciding on a vote of 11 and 3 [40] not violating Article 144. The 20th of February, to celebrate reunions by separating and differentiated by different of Dhaka. about the same theme. For the first time, after the presidency of Fakir Shahabuddin, he decided to jump to the top 144 in Salimullah Hall. Abdul Momin dirigió la reunión celebda en el salón muslim Fazlul Haque. Abdul Momin and Shamsul Alam assumed the responsibility of informing the Rashtrabhasha Sangram Parishad about this proposal from Shahabuddin Ahmed.

The incident of February 21:

February 21, 1952: Reunion history in Amtala in the history of Kalabhavan on the theme of Sequential Violation a partir de las 9 am de este día. Considerations against the impeachment of Section 144 and the members of the Legislative Assembly of the Oriental Assembly assume that there are public opinions in general about the language. The police will play the game with arms. At this moment the present presents various faculties and vicarretores of universities. Sigue mostrándose. The rector can introduce the policy that delays lanzar gas lacrimógenos and ordinates the students who leave the university zone. But the Violence was established when the police came to arrest some students by violating the Sequence 144 when they were on campus. Many students were arrested and arrested in Tejgaon and released on bail. The students joined the protest and started protesting again and again.

February 21, 1952: Antiguo local de Kalabhavan, in the form of violations of Article 144.

When the members of the legislature joined the legislature at the late 2 pm, the students of the blockchain. But the situation changes dramatically when some students decide that they are in the legislature and plant their demands. When the students marched to the assembly with this proposition, the polite corridor arrived at 3 pm and could not resist the dormitory. [24] Abdul Jabbar and Rafiq Uddin Ahmed were in the act. Además, Abdus Salam, Abul Barkat and many others died at this moment. A child of 8/9 years ago Ahiullah also said that this day.

While noting the ascension of the student quickly defended, the genteel at least initiated the action. From the top to the bottom of the office, commerce and transportation. The movement was initiated by the students to convince them of an immediate movement. The artists of the radio decided to convince one of the artists and the state of the radio to transmit the programs that they had realized.

This is the moment to establish the preparatory system for initiating the Constitutional Assembly. Interarase del dispro de la policía, varios mimembros de la opución, inclido Maulana Tarkbagish, abandonaron la sala de sesiones y se quedaron junto a los students enojados. Dijo que la sesión se suspendió con el propsito de hacer el duelo. Maulana Abdur Rashid Tarkbagish, Sharfuddin Ahmed, Samsuddin Ahmed Khandaker and Mosleuddin Ahmed of the Department of Tesoro supported the program. Since embarking, Nurul Amin has not been allowed to read other articles and has been opposed to the idea of ​​bengal in the session.

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