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A long time ago there was a Greek artist named Didalas. Everyone in the country was full of praise for his creation. He had a motherless son named Icarus. Didalas loved to travel from one country to another, and this is how night creations spread from country to country. Thus Dedalus and Icarus traveled around the country and reached the kingdom of Crete. Minos was then king of the kingdom of Crete. Minos was a very grumpy and cruel man. But he gladly invited Didalas to his kingdom. In a very short time, Daedalus began to spread the fame of his art.

The curse of the kingdom of Crete was a half-human half-bull a terrible beast. It was a huge, fierce and petty cannibal. He had a one-arm-long sharp horn on his head. With this horn he would cut the prey apart and then eat its blood and flesh. If he could not keep this monster calm at any cost, he would kill and eat the people of the kingdom. So King Minos of Crete came up with an idea to keep this monster calm. He demanded seven male and seven female tenants as revenue from Athens each year. The monster's hunger was satisfied with their lives. The king then makes a labyrinth with Didalas and the monster is trapped in that labyrinth. Then one by one people were forced into the maze and then the heavy doors were closed. Then those people would wander aimlessly inside the dark cave. Where terrible monsters waited for them. Then one day Thessalon, the son of King Agass of Athens, persuaded King Agass that he would become one with the seven men. Then kill that monster and return to his own kingdom.

Thesis's ship then anchored in the port of Crete. Just then Aridney, the princess of Crete, sees Thesis. And seeing him, he fell in love with Thesis. After that, Aridoni can't forget Thesis for a moment. In the meantime, the thesis has to go ঐ Ordnance was getting up thinking about it in the face of the monster, can't eat properly, can't sleep in the thought of the thesis. Then he went to help the maze artist Didalas. Didalas, hearing all this, gave him a thread, and told him to tie the thread to one end of the door as soon as Thesis entered the labyrinth. Then proceed to release the yarn from the yarn golla. This will allow you to return with the thread when you return. And he warned Ordney very carefully, because if the king found out, he would kill me and you two. Oridney then secretly meets with Thesis and explains everything and gives the thread to Gollata.

The door was then closed by inserting the thesis into the labyrinth. According to Thesis Oridney, he tied one end of the thread to the door and proceeded. After going some distance, the monster met Thesis. In the dark, there is a long fight between the two. Eventually Thesis is able to kill the monster. Then he grabbed the thread and came back to the labyrinth. This time, taking Ordoni with him, Thesis returned to Athens on his ship.

When the news reached the ears, the king became very angry. Send people to catch Didalas. The king blames him for all of this, and as a punishment, orders Didalas and Icarus to be thrown into a maze. The king's orders were obeyed and the heavy doors of the cave were locked. In the pitch darkness of the cave, Daedalus and Icarus could not even see their own hands. It is not possible for any human being to get out of this impenetrable cave. But Didalas was different. That is the great artist of this impenetrable labyrinth. So only he knows all the secret ways.

In a very short time, Daedalus and Icarus came to the other end of the cave. But they must flee the kingdom of Crete or they will die. But there was no easy way out of the kingdom of Crete because the kingdom was surrounded by the sea. And King Minos controlled all the vessels of the sea. Didalas now has a new intellect. He combined all his thoughts, intellect and labor to make two huge pairs of fans. He had wax and bird feathers in his hand. Hundreds of bird feathers were used to make wings. Now it's time to fly with Icarus.

Daedalus and Icarus both fell and prepared to fly. And before flying, he repeatedly warned Icarus not to fly too high. Then they started flying. The blue sky above them and the Aegean Sea below are shining. Didalas flew anxiously and looked at his wings again and again. But Icarus was very happy, he forgot everything in the joy and excitement of flying in the sky. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. Icarus rises to the top, flying with joy in his mind. Didalas keeps calling him, but Icarus can't hear his father's call. Icarus moves closer to the sun as he rises higher. Suddenly he realizes that the wax of his wings has begun to melt in the heat of the scorching sun. That's when he remembered his father's warning. But by then it was too late. When the wax melts, the feathers become loose and fall into the sea. And Icarus also reads towards the sea. Didalas is still a long way off. Didalas can do nothing but see. In a few moments, Icarus got lost in the sea. While reading, Icarus just yells, "Bab, save me !!" In these few moments, it seems to Daedalus that his son has been saying, "Daddy, save me!" But Didalas can't save his son. After that, as long as he lived, he lived on an island by the sea, and in the midst of the roaring of the sea, he could hear Icarus shout, "Father, save me!"

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