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Goddess - Miss Ali

Goddess - 04


Neelu read the advertisement twice. Quite a funny ad.

Will anyone come?

I am a lonely person. Living alone after the death of his wife-

I'm living. Time does not pass. My long day and long

Would anyone write me two lines to cut through the loneliness of the night?

GPO box number 63

What does it mean to give such advertisements in daily newspapers? Weekly papers contain all of this; Boys stems. This guy is definitely not a boy. One of the old men.

‘Dad, have you read this?’

Neelu put the paper in Zahid's hand.

‘Dad, read this ad!’

Mr. Zahid himself frowned and read twice. Seeing the expression on his face, it seems that he is quite upset.

‘Have you read?’

‘Hmm, I read.

‘What do you think, Dad?’

‘What do you think again? Nothing seems to matter. The country is going to the abyss. How do the newspapers print these? '

Neelu smiled and said, "Why don't you print?"

‘The country is not British-American, understand? And if you read it well, you will understand that the man has a bad intention. '

"Where, I don't understand what's wrong."

Mr. Zahid said seriously, "Look, you will not write a letter again."

Neelu lowered her face and smiled.

"Why are you laughing?"

"I'm smiling like that."

"Don't you think of writing a letter?"


Ulu said with a blue face, but he decided in his mind that he would write a letter. Let's see what happens. What does the man write?

He actually wrote a letter before going to bed at night. Quite a long letter.


I read your ad. I wrote a few lines.

Will it cut your loneliness? I am eighteen years old.

I am a student of Dhaka University. We are two sisters. Mine

The younger sister's name is Bilu. He attended Holycross College. We

Both sisters are very beautiful. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Isn't it? Or will your loneliness cut short when you receive letters from beautiful girls?


As soon as he wrote the letter, he felt that such writing was not going well. There is a big lie in the letter. She is not beautiful. That's right for Bilu, not him. Neelu took a deep breath and wrote the second letter.


My name is Neelu. I am twenty years old. Your loneliness

I am writing to you to cut. But what about someone in the letter

Cut to loneliness? Please let me know how old you are.


He did not like the second letter either. He felt as if he could not write the real thing. Lying down at night, he thought, why is he suddenly so busy? What is the need to write a letter?

Is he too lonely himself? Maybe-or. There are only two animals in this house. Bilu and Baba. Dad stays at home day and night. The first few days of the month are a little too busy to collect rent. Then he was taken prisoner in his own house again. And Bilu is there with his innumerable friends. Not only girl friend, she also has many boyfriends.

Bilu is overjoyed. But he is a little exaggerated. Yesterday a boy came to her, she was there till eight o'clock at night. This is not good at all. Neelu peeked and saw that the boy was smoking a cigarette. He is shaking hands and talking. And Bilu is breaking down laughing. While eating rice, Neelu said without saying anything, "Who is the boy?"

‘Which boy?’

‘Did I talk until eight that night?’

‘Oh, he’s Ruby’s brother! Cheater In a very intelligent way, in fact, a big ass. '

Bilu giggled as he spoke.

"If it's a big ass, why did I keep it for so long?"

‘What if I didn’t want to go?’

Speaking, Bilu smiled again. Beelu is a girl who can never be angry. Neelu can never be angry. Sometimes the father said a few harsh words. Then Bilu got angry and stopped eating. She is in great pain! Once angry, he closed the door for two whole days. How simple, how many requests! In the end, I had to bring my younger uncle from Maghbazar. Uncle Bilur is a kind man. He listens to everything he says. When he came, he said, 'If you don't open the door, I won't come. This is my last visit- ’Then the door opened. Such a stubborn girl.

Nilu has no obstinacy. Black and ugly girls never have Jay. They have to spend their lives alone. He turned off the blue light and tried to sleep. As a child, he used to fall asleep as soon as he turned off the lights, but now he does not. It has to be done side by side till many nights. Bilu is holding a story book over his eyes by lighting the table-lamp on the bed next to him. He will read for many nights. You will suddenly fall asleep for a while while reading, not with the light on. Do not throw mosquito nets. Neelu will have to get up and turn off the lights and throw the mosquito net.

"Sleep, Bilu, turn off the light."

"I'll go to sleep later."

‘What are you reading?’

‘A book by Shirshendu. Great! '

‘Read during the day. The light is shining. '

‘Where is my time during the day? You don't sleep! '

Neelu could not sleep. She lay down and looked at Bilur. What a beautiful girl day by day! Two daughters of the same parents - why is one so beautiful and the other ugly? Neelu took a small breath.



"Great book, you read it."


‘Yes. Love is a very serious thing. Great! '

‘Is that so?’

"Huh, the story of a very beautiful girl."

‘Someone like you?’

‘Far, am I beautiful? You can say like our three-storey tenant bouti. Ranu's name, you see. '

‘No, pretty?’

‘Oh my gosh, great! Hema is more beautiful than Malini. '

‘You tell the girl to come to our house once! I'll see. '

‘I will say. You can only go once yourself. The girl is fine. Very polite in conversation. Have you seen her groom, Mr. Anis? '


‘That guy is kind of stupid. Talk like a fool. You call me you-you.

‘You went to college, wouldn’t you tell me?’

‘Would you call someone like that old man wearing a frock?’

‘Old man or not?’

"He will be over forty."

‘How old is the girl?’

‘Very little. It will be fourteen or fifteen years. '

Bilu turned off the light and fell asleep instantly. Neelu stayed awake for many nights. He could not sleep at all. Lately his sleep has been very reduced. I don't sleep until midnight every day.

Ranu came to the living room with rice on the stove and saw the eldest daughter of the landlord inside the house.

‘I went in without asking, brother. My name is Neelu.

‘Come on, come on. I know you. You are the eldest daughter of the landlord. Didn't you go to university today? '

‘Uh-huh. No classes today. I came to talk to you. What were you doing? '

"I'm cooking rice."

‘Let’s go and sit in the kitchen. I hear your very appreciation from Bilur.

Bilour's idea, you are Hema Malini.

Ranu said in surprise, "Who is Hema Malini?"

‘There is one. By movies. Everyone says very nice. I don't like it. The look is arrogant. '

Ranu pressed her face and smiled and said, "Beautiful girls are arrogant."

‘Are you arrogant too?’

Ranu smiled and said, ‘Yes. But you can't tell me you. You have to say.

Neelu noticed that the girl was very thin but really beautiful. Not commonly seen. The eyes are raised towards the forehead - it looks like the eyes of an idol of a goddess. The whole look is very subtle, but there is an idol-like look somewhere.

‘What are you looking at?’

‘I see you brother. You have an idol-like look on your face. '

Ranu turned black. Neelu said in surprise, ‘Oh what! Do you think you're upset? '

‘No, why bother?’

‘But why blacken your face? But I told you as a compliment. I have never seen a beautiful girl like you. But once I saw a Bihari girl. At my uncle's wedding. Of course, the girl was not as thin as you. She was in good health.

‘Would you like some tea?’

‘Why are you calling me? Do you think I'm too old? '

"No, I don't think so."

‘You tell me too. And if you don't mind, I'll come to you from time to time. '

While arranging the cup of tea, Ranu said softly, ‘I like pearls, why do you say that?

Neelu said in surprise, ‘That’s what I said! Tight eyes, that's why. You see, brother, you are angry. '

‘Neelu has a reason. I will tell you everything one day, then you will understand. How much sugar do you want? '

"Three spoons."

Neelu sat for a long time, but the conversation was not so smooth. Ranu seems to have become distracted. Can't concentrate on anything. Can't be easier. Neelu tried to bring up another topic several times. Ranu gave a vague answer. And once said in a light voice, 'I have an illness, Neelu.'

‘What disease?’

"Sometimes I'm scared."

‘You mean scared?’

Ranu bowed his head and said, "Once I went to bathe in the river as a child, it has been like this ever since."

‘What happened?’

Ranu did not answer.

‘Tell me, what happened?’

‘I will say another day. Today you speak for yourself. '

"I don't have much to say."

"Tell your friends."

‘I don’t have any friends like that. I live alone. Ugly girls don't have friends.

"People are not ugly when the color is bad, blue."

"I know what I mean."

Neelu got up. Ranu said, "Will you come again?"

‘Come on. You will say what you are saying about your fears. '

"I'll tell you."

Neelu sent the letter without sending it, but there was no limit to his worries. Who knows, the old man may one day come home and show up. That would be a great shame. It has been made very childish. Nilu had a very bad tea for five days. Great discomfort. I was shocked to see an old man coming, is that the man or not? If anyone really came, he would have thought that this letter was not mine. Someone else jokingly gave this address. I do not write letters to such strangers.

Of course no one came. A week passed in sight. There is no reply to the letter. The man may not have received the letter. For the welfare of the postal department, nowadays most of the letters do not reach the recipient. As the loss is, so is the gain. Or it may be that the man received numerous letters and answered them as he wished. He did not like Nilu's three-line letter. He may have received a long, long letter. There are many things written in all the letters.

Ten days later a letter came to Nilu. A letter on a nice pad paper in a very expensive envelope. Whole handwriting. The color of the ink is dark black. The writings on the butter-red paper are like pearls. People are so beautiful handwriting! The letter is very short.


I read your excellent letter with deep interest. One hurts

You have responded to people's request - thank you. Very little

I sent a gift. Please, take it.

Ahmed Sabet

The gift is not trivial. A bottle of a very expensive pure perfume. Neelu didn't think, did this man send such a gift to everyone? Did anyone who responded to the letter receive it? But is that even possible?

Or did Neelu reply to the letter alone? Nilu felt very ashamed. She hid the bottle of perfume and tried very hard to forget everything. He shredded the letter and threw it out the window. Why get into such a bad trouble?

But seven days later Neil wrote another letter. A pretty long letter. There is writing at the end - who you are, what you do - nothing is known. I don't even see your ad. Does this mean that your loneliness is gone now?

Neelu waited for several days for a reply to the letter, but no reply came. I know why Nilu is very upset. There was a desire to write another letter, but what happens? Will he just write a letter alone? What has he read so much?

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