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Goddess - Miss Ali

Goddess - 01


Ranu woke up in the middle of the night.

He felt as if someone was walking on the roof. Not ordinary people walking, dragging their feet. She called out in a frightened voice, ‘Hey, hey.’ Anis didn’t wake up. It's raining outside. A little wind. A strange sound is rising in the leaves of the berry tree in the wind. Ranu called out again, ‘Hey, don’t get up a bit. This is it. '

‘What happened?’

"Someone is walking on the roof."

‘Say that! Who will walk on the roof again? Sleep. '

‘Please, get up and sit down. I'm scared. '

Anis sat up. Heavy rain started at this time. Drizzling rain. The window curtains fluttered in the wind. Ranu suddenly saw a sick man standing in Khaliga by the window sill. The man's two arms are impossibly long. Ranu whispered, "Who is there?"

‘Where’s who?’

"That window."

‘Ah what a mess! The shade of the coconut tree has fallen. '

"Don't light the lamp."

"Ranu, you sleep."

As Anis was about to go to bed, there was a knock on the roof several times. It's as if someone is jumping on the roof.

Ranu was startedled and said, "What sound?"

‘Monkey. There are monkeys in this place. When I saw him yesterday, he was jumping on the roof.

‘I am scared. Don't get up and light the lamp. I fall on your feet. '

Anis lit the lamp. It's half past one. No more noise on the roof. Yet Ranu's fear did not subside.

She began to tremble.

Anis said angrily, "Why are you doing this?"

‘I know why I feel different. I had a very bad dream. '

‘What dream?’

‘I saw that 7.

Suddenly Ranu stopped in the middle of the conversation. Who is smiling. Smiling heavily. Ranu said in a trembling voice, ‘Can you hear the sound of laughter? Who is smiling. '

‘Who will laugh again. The sound of monkeys. Or maybe someone woke up on the second floor. '

Anis noticed that Ranu was sweating a lot. The eyes and mouth are bloodless. He took out a packet of cigarettes from under the pillow. Desalai said irritably, "What did you dream?"

"I'll tell you during the day."

‘What superstitions you have! Still scared? '


‘What is the fear? Thieves or ghosts? '

"I don't understand."

‘Okay, keep the lights on. I will sleep today by lighting the lamp. Now tell me, did you dream? '

"I'll tell you during the day."

‘Ahh don’t say that! The fear will go away. '

Ranu grabbed Anis's left hand tightly. He paused and said, ‘I see, I am lying in a room. A short man came in. Then I saw that he was trying to pull off my sari. '

Anis smiled.

Ranu said, "Why are you smiling?"

‘Don’t laugh? Is it a nightmare? '

"You haven't heard everything."

‘You don’t have to listen to everything. I know what will happen next. What you see is a sexual fantasy. Young men and women often have such dreams. '

"I don't see."

‘You see. I don't remember you. '

‘I rarely dream. What I see is always true. I have told you many times. '

Anis remained silent. Ranu often says this. Said for the first time on the wedding night. Anis Seba also laughed. Ranu is surprised and says, "You didn't believe me, did you?"


"I'm touching you. Believe me."

Ranu said as if a lot depends on Anis's faith. Anis finally smiled and said, "Okay, I believe, now please don't tell me." Ranu whispered, "I knew I would marry you too."

‘Did you dream that too?’

‘Huh. I saw a man standing in the empty space. A huge cut near his stomach. Seeing the man, I thought I would marry him. I told him, how did you cut? You said, 'I got off the bike and it hurt.'

Anis could not speak for a long time that night. This girl doesn't really know that she has cut marks on her stomach. However, he did not fall off the bike and cut. He slipped and fell from the tree. It is a coincidence, needless to say. Sometimes two things are very similar. Yet where there is a slight discomfort.

It's raining outside. Maybe there will be a storm. There is a whistling sound in the window. A broken glass. Lots of water coming in with broken windows, chilling.

"Ranu, let's go to sleep."

‘Cigarettes run out?’


As soon as he got up from the bed, lightning flashed loudly. The lamp went out immediately. Not only this region, I think all Dhaka became dark. Anis said, ‘Are you scared Ranu?’


‘Tell a good laugh. This reduces fear. Tell a story. '

"You say."

Anis told the story of a pastor and three Jews and three daughters over a long period of time. At one point in the story the listener has to ask - what did the pastor say then?

The answer is punch line, but Ranu did not ask anything. Isn't he listening? Anis called, ‘Hey Ranu, hey!’ Ranu didn’t speak. A gust of wind blew open a window. As soon as Anis got up to stop, Ranu hugged her and said in a trembling voice, ‘You don’t go. Beware, don't go! '

‘What a surprise, why?’

"Something is standing by the window."

‘Say that!’

"Please, please."

Ranu cried. "You can't smell it, can you?"

‘What does it smell like?’

'Smells like camphor.'

Is it wrong? There is a subtle smell in the room. Another glass shattered. Ranu said, ‘That thing is smiling. Can’t you hear? Anis could hear nothing but the sound of rain.

‘You sit down. I'm burning a hurricane. '

"No, you hold me."

Anis said uneasily, ‘You don’t even look at that window anymore!’ Anis noticed that Ranu was trembling, her body temperature was also rising. To give Ranu courage, he said, ‘Will there be any benefit in reciting any doa-toya? I know Ayatul Kursi. Shall I read the Ayatollah's chair? '

Ranu did not answer. His eyes are getting bigger. Is the foam breaking with the mouth? Breathing in and out.

"This Ranu, this."

There is no response. Anis hurricane ignited. There is a squeaking noise coming from the kitchen. Rats, no doubt about it. Still, I don't know why I don't feel good. Anis came to the verandah and called, ‘Mr. Rahman, and Mr. Mr. Rahman. ’ Rahman was probably awake. Came out immediately.

‘What’s the matter?’

"My wife is sick."

‘What happened?’

"I don't understand."

"Should I go to the hospital?"

"I don't understand."

‘You go, I’m coming. Coming soon. '

Anis went back home. Mind wrong, undoubtedly wrong mind. Anis felt as if she had just entered the room and stood behind the door. A slender, tall man. Anis called, ‘Ranu.’ Ranu immediately responded, ‘What?’

That's when the electricity came. After a while Mr. Rahman came and appeared. He said in a worried voice, ‘How are you now?’ Ranu said in surprise, ‘What is the situation? What happened? '

Mr. Rahman looked surprised. Anis said, ‘Your body hurt, so I called him. How are you feeling now? '


Ranu sat up. Rahman looked at him and said softly, "I am fine now."

Mr. Rahman still sat for ten minutes. Anis said, "Did you hear the roar on the roof?"

‘I hear him every day. The nuisance of monkeys. '

"I thought so too."

‘Very annoying. He takes food from home during the day and at noon. '

‘Is that so?’

‘Yes. Newcomer! Let's feel for a few days. I told the landlord to give the grill. Don't give up. If you meet, you will tell. Everyone has to hold on together. '

‘Yes, I will say. Would you like a cup of tea? '

‘Oh no no! I will have tea at half past two tonight, what did he say! Wake up brother. Call me if there is any problem. '

The gentleman got up. Ranu said in a hushed voice, ‘Why did you call the gentleman tonight? What did he think? '

‘What you started! I called the gentleman out of fear. '

‘What did I do?’

‘You did a lot of shooting. Tell me how you are now. '


‘How good?

"Pretty good."

‘Aren’t you scared anymore?’


Ranu got out of bed. She is quite simple and normal. There is no sign of fear in the eyes. Sari is doing business of removing water from the house by wrapping it around her waist.

‘What to do in the morning. Now keep these. '

‘Yeah, look what happened!’

"Come on, let's go."

Ranu came forward with a smile on his face.

‘Aren’t you scared anymore?’


‘Who said you were standing by the window?’

‘There is no one now. And even if there is, it doesn't matter. '

Anis grabbed the second cigarette. "Can you have a cup of tea?"

‘Tea, so late!’

"I can't sleep anymore, let's have a cup."

Ranu went to make tea. After a while the sound of water boiling. It's raining outside. Ranu is alone in the kitchen. Who is to say that this girl was frightened a little while ago! The roof is buzzing again. Did the monkeys come in this rain? Anis got up and peeked into the kitchen. He said in a light voice, "Is there a big incense sound on the roof?" Ranu did not answer.

Anis said, "I will leave this house."

"You won't get a cheap house like this anymore."

"Let's see if I can get it."

‘Do you have sugar in your tea?’

‘Done. Didn't you? '

"Nah, I can't sleep after drinking tea at night."

Ranu raised his voice. Anis said, "Now tell me your dream."

‘What dream?’

‘That dream! A short man. '

‘When did I dream this again? What do you say! '

Anis said nothing more. After tea I went to sleep. It was cold. Ranu is lying on her back like a baby girl. He hugged Anis with one hand. She is breathing heavily. Feeling asleep. The window is shaded by a coconut tree. The shadow looks like a human. The leaves of the tree are moving in the wind. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. A sweet smell inside the house. Sweet, but unfamiliar.

Anis pulled Ranu closer. Ranu's face lit up. What does Mayawati look like! Anis sighed. They have been married for only six months. Anis is not used to it yet. Every night Ranu's face seems unfamiliar to him. Aparup Rupavati is the face of a girl who is never fully recognized. Anis called, ‘Ranu, Ranu.’ No answer was found. Ranu is fast asleep. Anis could not sleep. Lying down, Ranu decided to take him to a good psychiatrist. Kamalendubabu of the office often spoke of a gentleman, a very good man. Mr. Missy. Once you show it to Mr. Missy.

Ranu giggled in his sleep and laughed. I don't like to hear the smiles of unnatural people, my body is creepy.

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