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find the 10 most importand cities in the world.

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Find the 10 most important cities in the world

Dhaka, the city of our lives, is the hog of 1,5 million people. The most transitadas of this city are millions of people all day. After all, thousands of people live in the calculus of Dhaka. ¿Alguna vez te has asked why this city is so sensitive? Estab Why was the gente of this city? Dhaka se fundó hace unos cuatrocientos años. However, there are many cities in the world that have built thousands of miles. But most of these cities are still dead. Since embarking, with the passage of time, some cities are still alive, with thousands of different demands in its conflicts. Who would love to live the life of a thousand miles away from life. The most beautiful cities in the world are our organization.

10) Beirut - Líbano

Beirut is the capital of Lebanon and the largest city in the country. The city has a history of 5,000 years. Beirut aún subrevive como testigo de los perídos phenicio, griego helénico, romano, berabe y ottomano. The number from the city was reduced to a cartoon of a foreigner of 1400 a. C. In the actuality, there are already 22 million people living in this city near the Mediterranean Sea. Beirut ha mejorado quickly from the final of the civil war in 1990. In 2015, Beirut was included as one of the seven new Maravillas Ciudades.

If the modern Beirut decorates with specifications, it is possible that we do not consider its integration.

09) Gaziantep-Turquía

Situated in the Anatolian region in Turkey, this city is one of the most important cities in the world. Gaziantep currently has a population of 1.5 million. Occupied only 96 kilometers from the city of Aleppo, the city has a very important population in its geographical location due to its history.

Gaziantep decorated the nose

08) Plovdiv-Bulgaria

Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria. The actual exchange is approximately 5 million rupees. He found the sign of human habit in this city from the Neolithic period. However, it seems that Plovdiv is still alive during the last 4.000 years. There are approximately two thousand quintets, the Persian emperor Darío the Grande conquered Plovdiv. The city establishes between the dominant Ottoman grievous, romantic, gothic, Slavic and Byzantine.

Ciudad ordenada y ordenada de Plovdiv

08) Sidón-Lebano

Sidon is the third largest city in Lebanon. This important city of the Phoenician civilization met only 40 kilometers from the capital of Lebanon. Alejandro the Grande conquered Sidon in 333 a. C. He says that Jesus Christ and San Pablo have won this city. On the actuality, the publicity of Sidon is approximately 3 million rupees.

The story of this part of the city of Sydney is more than present

08) Al Fayyum-Egipto

Al Fayyum is one of the most important antiquities of Africa and the ideal of civilization. Al Fayyum was conceived by the grieving as the city of cocodrilos. The city was funded by 6,000 years. Due to its geopolitical development, the importation of Fayyum fu inmensa the largo de los siglos. On the actuality of the tamaño es bastante pequeño, but there are many archeological monuments and historical histories, including the pyramids of the city.

Quadro de madera con momia de Fayum

05) Shush - Irán

Shush is one of the most important cities in the world. Your name also appears in the Bible. Among the archeological sites, the Shush city has more than 6,000 years of integration. In fact, there are a million people living in this city. This is the important city of Mesopotamia and the civilizations that are involved in the human rights of UNESCO.

The antigua civad de susa te llevará al pasado lejano

04) Damasco-Siria

It discredits the history of Antigua and medieval of civilization, but it is difficult to imagine that it would not be possible to remember the number of the capital, Damascus. Aqua se han encntrado signos de asentamientos humanos durante unos diez mil años. Much gente afirma que Damasco es la ciudad más antigua del mundo. However, there is no precedent for this issue to be resolved. The tier of Damascus has always been far away from all the great conquistadors like Alejandro Magno, Pompeya and Khaled Ibn Walid.

The most famous omeya de Damasco

03) Alepo-Siria

This city is known as Halab en árabe. Before the civil war, Aleppo was the largest city in Syria. The name of Aleppo with Damasco in the history of Paris has been applied automatically. Aleppo is a reminiscence of innumerable civilizations, from the Hittites, Asirios and Persians to the cruises in Edad Media. The largo de siglos, has been repatriated to the cabeza of the escombros. The mongooses destroyed Aleppo, Aleppo was destroyed repeatedly during the Cruzadas. Aleppo is still alive. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i'll tell ya. Since embarking, the civil war in the course of history has led to the history of the city of Norte in Syria. All the people in love with the story of Esperanto that some day, despair of the guerrilla civil, Aleppo, the 6,000 years of anticipation, come to life without ever having to live like that forever.

The best omens of Aleppo antes and despair of Guerra Civil

02) Biblias - Lebanon

Otto ejemplo de la civilización finlandesa es la ciudad de Biblus. The Arabian name is Jubail. The history of this world has more than 6,000 years ago. Los griegos importaban papiro de Biblos. See the number of Biblos. The city of Jubail, 42 kilometers north of the capital, Beirut, has a population of about 100,000 inhabitants. The city is a member of the UN Security Council.

Hay muchos mitos que rodean a la diosa egipcia Isis que rodean la Biblia.

01) Jericho - Palestine

It is said that the city of Jericho in Palestine is the city of Viva more than the rest of the world. Jericho has a history of approximately 11.000 human civilizations. In Arabic, the name of Jericho is Ariah or fragrance. The actual survey of Jericho, the city of Antigua of the world, is only 25,000 inhabitants.

Sue Jero de la vida en Jericó

If there is a situation, see the ubiquity of the cities more than the human civilization, but the regi regn mediterranean and its many additives. The city came to the rescue of the civilized despair of the conquest of agriculture in the Neolithic. Some of the cities that were built at this moment are still like the testicles of the past. The history of human civilization evolved from side to side. Quiz¡s las personas que caminan por las calles de estas ciudades todavía escuchan esa historia de miles de años!

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