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Aking making money is not easy.

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2 years ago

Aking Making money is not easy!


Making money is not easy!

Making money is not easy! The real life story of the son of the industrialist Mr. Lohani!

The incident took place in 1996, when I was Robin Chowdhury, the only son of my industrialist father Mr. Lohani. Then I am a student of this level. I think the son of an industrialist is studying in English medium. Partying with friends at clubs, tours, having new drinks, all in all a different kind of fun life.

One of my leading leaders among friends was thinking. Because I used to spend the most. One day I planned to go on a tour of Thailand with my friends. And this time I will celebrate my birthday there. Of these my two friends are a little poor I have to bear their expenses.

Today my father is sitting in the drawing room at home drinking coffee. As soon as I went in front of my father, my father said how much is the amount? I don't mean my birthday in front of my father, so what else does this mean? Dad got angry in a loud voice and said I asked you how much? 2 lakh fathers. Hmm!

You are the best child of the nation. You have made this nation successful with your birth, your birthday will cost only 2 lakh rupees, hasn't it? The mother is coming. What happened? Our only son will one day have all these resources. Give it to him, don't bother him.

If I put my son in the pilot's seat of a flying plane and land the plane on your son. How do you say then? Listen, Robin's mother didn't get this wealth in one day. You have to make yourself qualified to take responsibility for it. All right, I will give your son 2 lakh rupees if he can work for me tomorrow and earn 200 rupees. I slept all night with only 200 rupees, my father will see tomorrow that I am qualified to take charge of his property.

The next morning at 8 o'clock my father called me and woke me up. Did you have to wake up so early in the morning for only 200 rupees ?? Ready, I went out to earn 200 rupees by pretending to be a flower babu. There is not a single penny in the pocket and the father also gave a spy.

After leaving the house now it seems I went after a middle of the sea. Where do I get money without capital. I can't borrow from anyone, I can't take help from anyone. I can't even beg. It was noon when I thought about it. Eventually I went to a rickshaw garage, I was scared in my mind that there are many people who put their hands on the rickshaw if someone thinks I am a rickshaw puller?

Then my conscience made me understand that rickshaw pullers are also people like me. It is wrong to touch them. I went to the rickshaw garage but they would not give rickshaws to strangers. Suddenly I realized that if I didn't get the rickshaw, I would be able to push the rickshaw. I will not give up my father's son so easily. At that time, one would push the high bridges from behind with a rickshaw. In return the passengers would pay 1 taka.

I have not done any work in my life, I have not even poured a glass of water myself. And today I pushed the rickshaw in the hot sun, in this way I earned 10 rupees by pushing 10 rickshaws in 1 hour, I went to push rickshaw number 11 and later got on my knees. I got up again. When the passenger was giving me a coin of 1 taka, I could not help but cry. After an hour, the knee pain became more intense.

I counted only 40 rupees till evening. I can't anymore. Extremely tired, it seems that the body is also cheating on itself, leaving my company. Finally I went back home with 40 rupees. I went and stood in front of my father and hugged him with 40 rupees in my hand and cried and said, I couldn't. I thought my devastated tired look, my father might cry when he saw the torn paint near his knees. Maybe he would put his hand on my head and comfort me. No, he didn't do any of these. Instead he told me to walk with me from Dhanmondi to Buriganga bridge now, no question.

I was surprised. Now it seems he is really a businessman. Even then I asked why my father was walking. He said, "Father, I have come forward in this position a little bit today." Didn't come at the speed of car or plane. You are only suffering one day. Be patient.

How can I explain to my father about my fatigue. The pain of death is better than this. Dad took my hand and walked up to the bridge at three in the morning. Dad and I on the calm river bridge. Standing on the railing of the bridge, my father told me to see how the water below was shaking. You gave me 40 rupees, isn't it !!

Yes Dad, the first earning of my life. I know, Robin, you have to work hard to make this money. Now listen to what I tell you. I know my son has been very good at mathematics since childhood. Then I hope you can count well. Now I will throw 40 rupees away from your earnings and you will keep saying how much is left.

Tears came to my eyes again when I heard my father's words. Dad threw a coin in the water away from the bridge with all his might and said how much Robin had left. I cried and told my father that it was 39 o'clock. In this way, one by one, in front of my eyes, I started counting all the hard earned money of my life.

I do not know the language to describe such a situation. All I know is that every tear that falls from my eyes burns my heart like kerosene oil. My father never laid a hand on me, never gave a damn, today it seems that he is actually wiping out all the interest. The last money is not the father's money.

Then Robin said you cried for wasting 40 rupees of your earnings today and how much money have you wasted for me like this where I have never cried. I have the same feeling as you have to feel the pain. Your last money I left. It's my child's first earned money. It's a gift of pride for a father. It's a memory I'll keep with me until I die.

You take 2 lakh rupees from your mother tomorrow. After hearing these words from my father, I felt more guilty. I couldn't hold the emotion anymore. I hugged my father and cried and told him that my father would not need my money. No one can be a greater teacher than an ideal father. An ideal father is the best teacher in the world.

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Written by   19
2 years ago
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