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afrodita and adonis.

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Afrodita and Adonis

There was a lot of time, there was a rey in Paphos, Greece. Some say it was Sinairas, others say it was Thias. Aquí diremos Sinairasai. The moment comes between the Guerra de Troya. El rey sinairas prometió enviar cincuenta buques de guerra a la batalla, pero rompió su promesa y envió solo uno. Fuera lo que fuera, tenía una hija muy hermosa llamada Smarna. It was hers that her name was established for all girls. The mother of Esmirna, the queen of this country, exclaimed with a sigh: "Es My hilarious Esmirna is more beautiful than the goddess Aphrodite!" Aphrodite learned this and, naturally, was not happy. He smiled. Decide vengarse por esto.

The aphrodisiac is an extraneous manera de vengarse. Remember to love your father, the sinners, and come to feel guilty. For one thing, Smarna doesn't support this mental tension and decides to be safe. All of us were holding the festival of the Great Diosa of Dimitar, remembering the point of safety when Hippopolita, a disease of Rey Sinairas, went to school and was not safe. Hippolita dijo con voz tierna: "¿Qué te pasa? Dime que te prometo que te ayudaré".

Remember how emotionally the corpse hacked Hippolita. In practice, a prohibition of addiction to one's father. And this is the immortal saying: “The human civilization has written the rules of maliciousness. "What nature loves, what it loves". Hipólita se sorprendió al oír hablar de Esmirna. But as I promised, I said to Smarna: “No te preupupes. This makes an arrears. "

Una noche King Sinairas está borracho. Hipólita dijo: “Señor, a doncella te está aáorando. I hope so in your room. Sinairas, divertido, se acostó emocionado. If you find your hijab in the penumbra, but do not reconcile.

Find out what happened two days ago, Sinairas a vez quizo ver al humbre con quien dormía en la cama. This boy, the Sinai from the fue to the cama, makes a fuego in the taza sin that Smarna lo entendiera y vio a Smarna, ¡su propia hija! With ira, rabia and humilación, persistence and remembrance with its espada. Smarna también huyó hacia el bosque. Escape and save the gods to save the world. The gods are misunderstood with Smirna. In addition to the actual Siria-Líbano, the diosis convinced Smarna in an árbol, also called árbol de Smarna.

(Historically, this is the case at the spot where the reyes, if not ten, his cabanas with his proprietary hijas to take the caterpillar in his sangre. Some historians say that he passed the Sinairas. more than the template. He would go with the search that was on his hija.)

When Smarna was convinced in Erbol, he became pregnant, the hija of his father Sinairas when he was in his house. As soon as I saw him that he was convinced in an árbol, the árbol Smarna un día se abre de golpe y sale a hermoso bebé, more often than not like Adonis. After all, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born into this world. Vio al niño, no sabemos qué le pasó, Aphrodita escondió al ni dento dentro de un cofre y dejó que la caja fuera guarda por la reina Persaphone del inframundo.

Persephone abre la caja con una curiosidad indomable y continúa alimento al bebé increéblemente hermoso. Adonis Cuando eres joven, la definición de belleza es Adonis. At Adonis, the goddess Aphrodite gathers and says: "This is sweet!" Persephone exigió que se devolviera a Adonis. But after entering the phone, he was fascinated by Adonis, but did not turn to Adonis.

The ascension of Jesus. Jesus assigned Muse Calleop to solve the problem. Calliopi luego ordinó a Adonis que se quedara con Persephone la matad del año y Afrodita la otra metad, al igual que Persophone mismo pasó seis masas del año con Hades en el inframundo, y los otros seis masas en la tierra con su madre Dimitar. But as a result of this veracity, Aphrodite became furious. Orfeo, hijo de Calleop, estaba entonces en Tracia. Aphrodite came to have a great influence on the women of Tracia. Depending on the influence of Aphrodite, all the women of Tracia fell in love with Orfeo and shared the love between the extremists of Orfeo. Í Así is like Aphrodite exposing the Calliope that the humor of love can never be a social equivalent with nadie! But the situation did not change much. The misunderstanding of Jesus with his caricature of Juicio and this has already divided him into three parts. Part of Persephone, part of Aphrodite and part of Adonis. Aphrodite did not accept the decree of Zeus, but the other maneuver Aphrodite suggested his prophetic time! Of course, Adonis also disliked passing time with Aphrodite.

Durante muchos años, Aphrodita and Adonis pasaron tiempo juntos como marido y mujer. Iban a cazar juntos, contando historias, ¡cuánto! ¡But happiness is not permanent! A day like this terrible day. Aphrodite was born again in a misunderstanding. Antes de irse, a Adonis se le prohibió cazar bestias salvajes. ¡Algo que sospechaba! At this point in the incident, recently, the person on the phone is very important. Adonis gave his prophet time to Aphrodite, an assumption that Persephone was not accepted. Le dijo a Aris, otro dios guerrero de Afrodita: “¡Aris, tu aphrodita se ha ido! Ahora is in a mortal man. "Enojado, furioso, celoso, Aris se adonis disfrazado de un jabalí terriblemente hermoso. Al ver este jabalí terriblemente hermoso, Adonis olvidó la prohibición de aprodita. Se emborrachó cazando al jabalí.

Adonis, with his ayuda de perros, arrebató al jabalí en aris de aris. Arrange your lanza, but the whole result will be hers. This is when the cerdo contracts, corrects hacking Adonis and hides the Adonis with its affiliates. Adonis gritó. At that moment, Aphrodite turned to Adonis. Find out the trio of Adonis from the distances, Aphrodite takes Adonis to the velocity of a tormenta.

The ultimate vengeance of Adonis, his cuisine sangraba profusamente, his ojos se volviron pesados ​​and oscuros. The diosa besó la fronte blanca como la niveve de Adonis, lo besó en los labios, pero el moribundo adonis no se dio cuenta. Aphrodite is also dying. The sound of Adonis whispering: "¡Te vas, cariño!" Y mi sueño parece perderse en la distancia. My love is like this, but live to always be with your love, ¡soy esa diosa! ¡Soy as immortal! Quiero besarte de nuevo, beso largo, para beberme todo tu amor en este labio ”.

(Even the story of Adonis is part of a grievous one, originally from Syria-Lebanon. Adonis generally compares with Sirio Tamuz semidi. Tamuz, like Adonis, murión in an ataque de jabalí. What responsiveness protects animals aves.)

Aphrodite and Adonis played a game called Birau. Beirut, the actual capital of Lebanon, gets its name. The rey of mar Poseidón and the gods Dianisus Birur se enamoraron. You also read other words, Golgos. Galgos fue el fundador de la ciudad chipriota de Galgos.

Butes started embroiled in a mishap to get rid of the overa dorada with Jason moribundo. Mintras pasaban las sirenas (details of the expedition of Jason and Argonaut to rescue the piral of the corduroy dorado), butes saltó al agua, incapaz de support the sonido de las sirenas and the response of Orfeo. At that moment, Aphrodite was trying to get rid of the Adonis heart. Asa que rescata a Butes y lo lleva a Lilabium cerca de Sicilia y pasa algunas noches con Butes. Some say that their union resulted in the nickname of one of Erix, who was convinced in the reign of Sicilia, but was assimilated into a fight with the Hurricanes.

No matter how many times Aphrodite Adonis dies, the diosa of love, la she is the diosa of love, the diosa of love! The love of Aphrodite's love never fails. This veg, the prince of Dardania, seeks the kingdom of Troya, is part of this love. Finding the next episode with the great love story of Aphrodite with Enkesis.

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