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The story of Ali

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9 months ago

What if Alli did go to school. What if we look at it in another way.

Alli was a young boy with great zeal for success. Alli was brilliant and had less support from his family because he was an orphan, the society cared less too. He struggled hard in life. By doing menial jobs after school, he was supporting his education and himself.

Alli finally did it, he finished secondary with a good result. Four A's , three B's and two C4. Under such condition and pressure, he came out with that result. But this result wasn't enough to send him to university, results doesn't generate funds to finance university.

Society decided to play the " he was dumb and unintelligent " card, that's why he's not in university in order to cover that they are part of what failed him.

But Alli didn't give up, he was hustling, he wanted to prove them wrong. He wanted to have enough and excess that will last him for the four or five years he was going to use in university.

After he's saved enough, he remembered where he was,, he remained he was in Nigeria, he remembered he was in a failed country where a graduate of university with good degree always end up learning vocational training and become slave to someone who hardly got his primary school leaving certificate.

He was smart enough, he changed his orientation, he continued hustling, he hardly eat, the clothes on him is the ones he got from charity but he didn't care, the future is bright,he always thought to himself.

After he felt he has enough, he went to a travel agency he felt was legit. The journey to get his passport began. That was his safe way of elevating himself out of poverty and setting his future right. He was lucky, it all went well, his visa was granted and in no time ,he was in the United States of America. It was a visiting visa that was issued to him for some months. The agency had assured him they'll find a way around it to make it permanent. He wasn't their first.

When he got to the State, he only had enough to pay for an hostel. Ten people in a room, it felt like a prison but he didn't care. He set out to look for job. It was a bit hard getting one but he finally did. A job turned two, two jobs turned three. He was practically working for eighteen hours without rest. His sleep doesn't go more then two hours.

The future is bright, his motto as he continued hustling, his savings was intact, he hardly eat or spend on unnecessary things except his normal bills. Six months later, his visiting stay was over, but he knew he can't return to Nigeria. He contacted the agency and put more pressure on them more than he's been doing in the last months.

His employers took advantage that he was illegally staying in the country and was paying him quarter of what he was originally getting. " Go find another job if you don't want it " they always tell him when he try to complain. It took a toll on him, he could hardly save, he was careful of where to go, his major act of survival was escaping the police. He had run many times when he mistakenly bump into one and they start asking him for his ID.

A year and one month later, his stay was finally resolved. He got an extra year and six months but it swallowed up his savings, he even had to borrow in order to get it done. He knew he was scammed because it shouldn't be up to that but he was at the receiving end with less choice.

He changed his works, to him, they've extorted him enough. He worked more harder and increased his saving habit. There was a time some white folks raid his hostel, they stole every things they had and unfortunately for Alli, his savings was among. The police did almost nothing about the case, it was a case of white against black so lesser investigation was carried out to fish the culprits. But Alli didn't let it get to him, he wasn't demotivated, he continued hustling. In the blink of an eye, a year and six months appeared like magic to hunt him.

His contact told him he should marry a white lady, he'll pay her and that will buy him a lot of time, while he register to get his green card. The contact introduced him to someone he trusted. By the time he paid her and also lease an apartment for the two of them, his savings was exhausted.

They were legally joined together and he felt comfortable. A solution to his problems at last. He got better jobs that paid more, he now has a mouth to feed, and more bills to pay and not forgetting the fact that he must also save.

Living with her took a toll on him, he was developing feelings for and it felt like it was vice versa case. An off day coupled with drinks did the magic, they had six(HYKWIM?).

After a year, Alli bought his first house. He relocated with his wife and they're both happy. A year more, he bought his car and a mini bus to start his own business. He was doing pickup and delivery. It was a lucrative one and he was getting a lot from it. And most importantly, he was resting well. His dreams were coming through, a fairy tale story. In no time, he got another house and another car. At twenty seven, he realised his dream. House,cars and a lovely wife. He wanted to get his green card before having kids.

His green card was finally delivered and with it comes the betrayal. Elena said she wanted a divorce. She lied that he was cheating and always assaulting her, and like an abracadabra, she was pregnant. Alli knew he wasn't the owner but no one believed. He's never hit a woman in his life but they said an investigation will be carried out to know if he was truly assaulting her . He was in shock when he saw the alimony on the document they signed when they got married, in case of a divorce, she leaves with seventy percent of his properties, and he was sure if he was found guilty of the charges levied against him, he'll lose everything.

He was found guilty and it became a case of assault ,his green card was revoked at once, Elena got all his sweat and the was deported back to Nigeria.

He went with nothing and returned with nothing. The society mocked him for being a failure. He was tired of life and had no zeal left to start over. He was extremely traumatized and decided to end it. A death without pain he wished for.

The day he decided to jump into the ocean, he met with his old schoolmates. They're now Lagos big boys and into fra*d. They asked him to join them, he was intelligent and certain to make it. If they had made him the offer few years ago, he would have c*rsed them heavily but he felt it was a way to pay the white back for what they did to him. Alli got laptop, Alli was dishing out his payback by taking what they have. Alli finally became rich, his pocket was getting filled. But it wasn't for long. As the white supported their own to deal with him, the black supported the white to also deal with him.

He was arr*sted, found guilty. His properties were claimed again and the society started doing what they know how to do best, CAST STONE.

I'm in no way supporting fra*d with this write-up, but like I said in the beginning. What if we look at it in another way.

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Written by   2
9 months ago
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