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6 months ago

If you've ever lost someone you regard as your world

then you'll probably know how I felt when I heard the news of her departure from earth.

My world came crumbling down in front of me, I felt void and wanted to cry out loud but I couldn’t as I manned up. I held my pillow tightly in order not to lose it.

She was the best thing to happen to me, and when it comes to her I don’t joke with her. Our relationship got intimate when she came to my place to complain to me about how her husband was maltreating her. He always beat her up at a slight provocation.

I’ve told her on many occasions to leave him but she said she can’t because of her children.

She was a few years from clocking fifty but she has a young and petite shape which made her look much younger and to crown it, she was beautiful. No one will believe she has given birth to kids of twenty years age plus.

We’re close and she always tells me things. I was her best friend, we’re literally besties . I was sleeping when I suddenly heard a knock on my door. I grudgingly got up as I pondered who it could be as I head to the door.

I opened the door and was surprised to see her. Her face was slightly bruised and red.

“ Charles “ she called my name as she suddenly started sobbing.

I pulled her close to me and embraced her as I’d totally forgotten I only had my shorts on and I also had an erection.

My d*ck poked her but she cared less about it as she sobbed on my shoulder.

I took her inside and locked the door. “ he did it again “ I asked her without letting her go and she nodded her head to affirm positive to my question as she sobbed more.

“ look at me, “ I said as I freed her from my embrace and held her head to stare directly into her beautiful eyes.

Seeing her in such a pitiful state sent a spark into my hormone and I felt my rod getting harder. I know she was also feeling it because it was poking her

“ stop crying because of that fool that doesn’t know your value, “ I said trying hard to keep my emotions in check.

“ it’s painful Charles, it is, “ she said as more tears escaped from her iris. “ it’s alright, “ I said as I placed my hand on her cheek. I suddenly felt a great surge to kiss her and I did as I slowly lowered my face to hers. I kissed her deeply for a few seconds before she suddenly shrugged me off.

“ We shouldn’t be doing this, “ she said as she cleaned her eyes.

“ it’s okay “ I retorted as I pulled her closer to me and kissed her again. She feebly tried to free herself but suddenly stopped as she wrapped her hands around my neck as I explored her mouth with my tongue.

I lifted her up without disengaging the kiss as I took her into my bedroom and gently placed her on my bed. That was our first time together and ever since then I’ve been making her happy.

I made her feel the love she was not getting from him and she also loved me dearly. We spend the most time together and every moment with her was memorable not until this morning when I got the news of her demise.

I was sure it had to do with her husband, he must have hit her again and she passed away during the process. Which sane man will support domestic violence.

When I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I stood up and picked up my car key. I drove like a mad man to her house.

I met many people there who were there to sympathize with them.

I saw my younger sister in a corner crying out her heart.

I head straight to where I know he’ll be and he was there.

“ Charles “ he called my name as he saw me moving closer to him. I dragged him up by his shirt collar and landed a punch on his face.

“ you’ve finally succeeded in killing her, you’ve finally succeeded in killing mom “ I screamed at dad as relatives tried to separate us.

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Written by   2
6 months ago
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Wow..nice article it turns up to be mom

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5 months ago