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Excess sleep 😴

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7 months ago

Sleeping they say, is good for the health, but when someone sleeps too much, it may be detrimental to the health.

I and John have been very good friends since Junior Secondary School. We have a lot of things in common- sound academics, nice sense of humour, vibrant inter-personal relationship, and a lot more. Many people often call us artificial twins.

One of those things we have in common that baffles people is the fact that we both sleep a lot. Like a popular saying, we both can "sleep on water". Once, John slept off in a commercial bus and was dropped off at a wrong bus stop. I have also slept for about three hours at a shop I branched to buy cold pure water; the owner of the shop said she thought I was a mad man.

We have both been bullied and made jest of by our friends at school and at home because of this attitude. We have been used as good and bad examples by our teachers as the case may be. As much as we are sound in academics, we are twice as sound in sleeping.

On this fateful day, John was sleeping comfortably in his favorite position while everyone looks on, shaking their head in pity. I have been able to control my own sleep but it seems John would never stop this bad attitude. The kind of sleep he's sleeping this evening, it looks like John would never wake up again.

He was dressed in white attire; the smell of his expensive perfume fills the air. He was the central of attraction on this fateful day.

If he was not the central of attraction, would people gather normally to watch someone sleep?

In a bid to get a better sleeping position, John cleared his throat and turned aside.

Everyone at his funeral fled in horror.

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😃. Sleeping wahala.

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7 months ago