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Africa my continent , Nigeria my county!!!!

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9 months ago

Being a black is my pride and I'm happy and proud of being a #NIGERIAN, most especially being an #AFRICAN.

Black are supposed to be known for peacemaking, we are supposed to be peacemakers, a good representative of peace and we are supposed to always condone love and unity.

Loving each other is suppose to be our topmost priority, we are suppose to love ourselves, to be peaceful, faithful, loyal, honest and unite with each other

Immorality, greediness, selfishness and betrayal changes most of us to the kind of monster that knows nothing but violence,we encourage nothing but riot, killing,and terrorism e.t.c.

Corruption between blacks, blacks killing blacks, blacks raping blacks, blacks kidnapping blacks and blacks harming each other badly. We now turn our country into cemetery where the dead are being buried, we turned our nation to a warzone where killing each other isn't a crime.

We are now in a country where the poor don't have a say, where being alive is nothing but grace.A country where poor and rich people are being butchered, raped and killed everyday. Bad news circulating all round the country.

Then what do we do??? Virtually nothing, all we do is just shouting, crying and wailing, no positive actions taken, no corrections and no steps are being taken to eradicate all these animalistic behaviors of ours.

Government may be trying to compose a peaceful nation but the question is, are the citizens of this country ready to condone peace within ourselves??

Being peaceful is not what government can impose on us, we learn to be peaceful within ourselves, from our homes, society and community, but alas check the society today!!

Being peaceful won't cost us all anything except our mindset

Be peaceful, always, encourage unity and love, fight for peace,fight with peace, stand for peace, source for peace , sacrifice yourself for peace; if not for anybody but for yourself, your brothers , sisters and upcoming generations.

Don't let's us forget that our priority is to create and build a nation where peace, harmony and justice shall reign



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Written by   2
9 months ago
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