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Do This Immediately, If You See Yourself Picking Snail In Your Dream

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1 month ago

There are a lot of people's lives and their fates. So many people are irritated and delayed today as a result of your casual attitude about your Dream Life. Some of us consider dreams to be superstitious, while others dismiss them as foolish since we have so little understanding of what they imply.

To some extent, you may be correct in your perspective on dreams; why? Because some dreams are simply the result of your thoughts before going to sleep at night, but God mostly uses dreams to draw our attention to certain things and to save us from destruction.

You should be aware that the snail in your dream could be a positive one. When you have a dream about a snail crawling without any obstacles, it suggests that you will succeed in life, but it will take time. It's God's message to be patient with Him. When you don't rush God's plan for your life, you will receive a wonderful reward.

Dream interpretation is a different matter totally since only a gifted and gifted person can interpret the type of dream you had, but to be on the safe side, you should go via a man of God for accurate interpretation.

If you've been seeing Snail in your dreams recently and frequently, I'm here to tell you that the actual meaning of it simply means DELAY, BACKSLIDING, SLUGGISHNESS IN YOUR LIFE'S JOURNEY, DESTRUCTION, FAILURE, DISCOURAGEMENT, PROCRASTINATION, FRUSTRATION, EVEN STAGNATION... into your plan and project.

When picking snails from the ground, sea, farm, etc., there is a difficulty. It is, in fact, a frightening dream. PICKING SNAILS FROM THE GROUND MEANS that you are obstructing the snail's progress. It also implies that you are always in a hurry for your blessings and do not wait for them.


1. It prevents a person's glory, opportunities, and blessings from manifesting. 16:22 in Judges.

2. It returns you to square one after you were supposed to have achieved greatness and success. Gideon experienced something similar. Judges 8:24-27 is a passage from the book of Judges.

3. It causes sluggishness at the point where breakthroughs are about to happen (Though there is a possibility that you will make it but it has to be very slow).

4. It causes a miscarriage in a woman.

5. It introduces non-profitable manual labor.

6. It causes you to lose track of your blessings.

7. It prevents you from finishing your dream project on time.

8. If you are away from home, it is a sign that the demons of your father's or mother's house are attempting to bring you back.

9. It causes you to become aware of and hide from friends or family members who are ahead of you.

10. It lowers a man's dignity and integrity in front of his wife.

11. It allows your fathers' idols to control your destiny.

12. It establishes suffering and affliction.

13. It is not conducive to a person's spiritual development.

14. Failure to take precautions could result in an untimely death.

15. It demonstrates that someone has enslaved your blessings and virtues, and so on...


1. Be saved and make Jesus the Lord and King of kings over your life (PSALMS 38:2, 141:9-10). Matthew 6:33 (NIV).

2. Avoid sin at all costs.

3. Refuse to make concessions or work with the devil. Refuse to succumb to his seduction. 10:13 in 1 Corinthians.

4. Always commit your ways to God rather than making decisions on your own.

5. Wait for God's instructions before proceeding. Inquiry prayers should be prayed.

6. Don't deviate from God's word or will. Hebrews 10:36, Psalm 119:67.

7. Don't share your secrets with just anyone.

8. Pay attention to what you eat and drink, as well as where you consume it. In any case, don't eat or drink.

9. Choose your associates carefully. Unfriendly friends should be avoided. 2:3, Judges

10. Be careful what you say with your tongue. Everyone who claims to be a friend isn't one.

11. Pray for the annihilation of satanic traps and snares. Also, say a prayer for your presents.

12. Don't beg or borrow money. It has the potential to imprison you indefinitely, as well as cause illness and death.

13. Remove all curses connected to the evil dedication.

14. Go on a fast for a specific reason. This will aid in the decomposition of the meat.

15. Do not neglect God's and God's people's fellowship.

16. Make sure you've broken all of your bad covenants. Colossians 2:14-15 is a passage from the book of Colossians.


"Let every one of them slip away like a snail that melts, as an early birth of a woman, that they may not see the sun," says PSALMS 58:8.

PSALMS 18:29 says, "For you have made me rush through a troop, and my God has made me leap over a wall."

PSALMS 13:1; PSALMS 13:2; PSALMS 13:3; PSAL "How much longer, LORD? Will You ever forget about me? How much longer will You keep your face hidden from me? ".

PSALMS 40:17; PSALMS 40:18; PSALMS 40:19; PSAL "Let the Lord remember me because I am distressed and in need. You are my savior and deliverer; hurry up, O my God ".

PSALMS 141:1 O; PSALMS 141:1 O; PSALMS 141:1 O; "I beseech You, LORD, to rush to me! When I call to You, pay attention to my voice!"


(A). Father, I thank you for the utmost protection and provisions I have experienced in you throughout my day; I thank you for traveling with me and my family in your Mercy, Favor, and Love. In the powerful name of Jesus, I say glory to your Holy name in Heaven.

(B). In the powerful name of Jesus, I pray that you will empower me to overcome any barriers, limitations, and delays in my life.

(C). Father in Heaven, Because I am a true child of God and a citizen of Heaven, I command, in Jesus' name, that every virtue and goodness of my life be delayed everywhere, with a snail shell to come out by force tonight.

(D). In the magnificent name of Jesus, I mute every voice of darkness speaking adversely against my growth with a snail shell, thanks to the power placed in me as your Son and Citizen of Heaven.

(E). Every force stifling my progress in life will be defeated by the force of Jesus.

(F). In Jesus' name, I pray and beg that you release me from the power of the snail, which is causing delay, stagnation, backsliding, and, most importantly, preventing my success and development in life.

(G). In the powerful name of Jesus, I pray that everything in and around me that is conspiring with the spirit of the snail to delay me is scattered by thunder and fire.

(H). In the powerful name of Jesus, I Command every Spirit of Sluggishness in my life to accept the fire of the Holy Spirit tonight and be killed.

(I). Every Covenant of Failure in my life, Heavenly Father, be broken right now by fire in the name of Jesus.

(J). Father through Grace, I pray that every power of Almost There But Never There Surrounding and struggling with my life and divine breakthrough be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus.

(K). Every authority assigned to me from the kingdom of darkness that is watching and impeding my breakthroughs in life, I command you now, in the name of Jesus, to be rendered weak and worthless over me.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for hearing and answering my prayers... 4:6 PHILIPPINES

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Written by   4
1 month ago
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If I even dream about a snail I'd be waking up screaming because I am really really scared of those little things. though I never knew that that is what that actually means like wow... just wow that's really crazy that dreaming about a snake can mean all of this really nice article keep up the good work

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1 month ago