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Do This If You Can't Remember Your Dream In The Morning

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1 month ago

Have you ever had the horrible experience of dreaming overnight and then realizing that you can't remember what you dreamed about when you wake up the next morning?

The bad ones in the realm of darkness frequently employ the act of making a person forget his or her dream as a means of stealing a person's life plan from God.

You will begin to see secret and deep revelations on things that have been concealed from you for a long time once you begin to recollect your dream regularly. (Daniel 2:28 NASB)

When a person continues to feel this, keep in mind that you are under the influence of the darkness and that such a person will most likely face delays in all he or she accomplishes.


1. Draw nearer to God.

2. Make Jesus the Lord of your life.

3. Develop a closer relationship with God by praying regularly before sleeping and after waking up.

4. Before going to bed, try to clear your mind of all negative thoughts.

5. Study God's word at all hours of the day and night, because it is well known that it is a sword in the hands of believers.

Prayer Points.

Father, as I go to sleep tonight in the powerful name of Jesus, may your will be done in my life.

O Lord, I remove every mark of amnesia you've placed on me, causing me to forget anything you're trying to teach me in the dream.

In the powerful name of Jesus, Father, arise with the seraphim in heaven and attack my attackers tonight.

In the name of Jesus, reinstall my dream life, O Lord.

In the name of Jesus, I pray that all of my glory and benefits that were stolen through the dream will be restored to my life tonight.

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Written by   4
1 month ago
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