Giving is a spiritual exchange

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Good day to you all, I believe you all had a wonderful day today.

It is a popular say that givers never lack and also, the hand of a giver is always at the top. Why this remain a fact, there is a need to establish why it is said to be a fact.

So, in this post, I will be explaining what actually happen when you give and why you should give more to the need of those around you.

What you give out is what you have already earn, either through your sweat or labour. It is impossible to give out what you don't have. So, when this is given out, part of your reward for labour is out and this has make your labour to be less and at the same time, your level of favour has increased. You exchange labour for favour each time you give out.

Let me make an illustration here to back my point. Let's assume you were given $100 for your 100% labour and you gave out $5 to a less privilege. Now, you have $95 left. $5 labour has gone out from you out of your labour with the money you gave out. Now, you are left with $95 and 95% labour as well. To complete your 100% of labour, you will need additional 5%. So, the 5% favour you earn as a result of giving out the 5% labour will now be needed in completing the equation.

Going by this equation, if it take you 100% labour to earn $100 before your giving, now you only need 95% labour to earn the same $100. The more you give, the less you labour for money and other resources

Instead of 100% labour, you are left with 95% labour. As a result if you giving out $5, you have given up part of your labour as well. The more you give out, the less your labour and the more you position yourself for favour. I believe this has helped you in one way or the other, looking forward to hearing from you in the common below.

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