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Extinct Birds

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Certain birds have disappeared within historical times, and some a record exist. The dodo of Mauritius, near Madagascar was a wingles pigeon, although it was much larger than modern pigeons. It was first observed in 1507 by the Portuguese and became extinct within a century. The moas Nwe Zealand are known from bones found in the kitchen middens of the mative of that region and feom great numbers of bones dug up from former swamp where the bird's became mired as they fed on the swamp vegetion.

Within the recorded history forty five species and forty three subspecies of bird's have become extinct. In North America many species of birds became extinct before the coming of man and in recent years greed and thoughtlessness have resulted in the examination of others. The last great all was recorded in 1852 the Labrador duck in 1875, a passenger pigeon in 1914, the Carolina parakeet about 1920 and the last health hen was sighted in 1932.

Vanishing Birds

Increased human population with all their accompanying activities are having an reverse effect on birds. Increased acreages for agriculture, destruction of forests, draining of swamps, building of roads, war and introduction of rats on island and the international introduction of mongooes to Puerto Rico and Hawaii have eliminated certain species. Some North American species are nearing the vanishing point.

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