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Bird of Paradise

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A brilliantly colored and ornately plumbed songbird. The 43 known species are found only in New Guinea, Australia and neighboring islands. The majority are native to New Guinea. The bird's range extends from sea level to high in the mountains Little is known about their life and habits because much of the habitat has only recently become accessible.

The male bird of paradise probably has the most colorful plumage of any bird. The male is usually colored dull brown. It is believed that some that the plumes of the male bird enable the male and female of the same species to recognize each other. Although the male bird's extraordinary head, chest and take feathers vary from some species to species, elaborate crest, feathery capes, bibs and riffs are characteristics of the bird of paradises exotic plumage. During courtship , the male dances and display his magnificent plumage to attract a mate.

The bird's of paradise are generally placed in seven groups: typical or plumed, bird's of paradise; sicklebills; flagbirds; manucodes; wattled bird of paradise; paradise magpies; and riflebirds.

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