Why Girls Like Shy Men

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While watching the movie, Titanic, I reflected on why Rose fell in love with Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio). You would have noticed that he is not the assertive type of person who would want to take the limelight from a lady. He was shy. So, I decided to ask my girlfriend and other ladies around me why ladies like shy men. These are some of the reasons they gave to me.

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First, abrasive men repel. A girl doesn’t want a man to make her feel small and insignificant. Some men even compete with ladies in the area of make-up and perfume. A lady doesn’t want such a thing. She wants to be the one everyone looks up to. A shy man would allow his girl to steal the limelight. Because he does not assert himself, the lady can be confident that he would give her freedom to be herself.

Also, shy men are better listeners. My girlfriend told me that this was the reason why she agreed to date me. That was flattering. Many shy men have low self-esteem, or might be feeling anxious in public. That is why they don’t talk much. Sometimes, when a man doesn’t like talking much, you should go closer to him. He has a lot of hidden gems in him. Many ladies have discovered this. When you don’t talk much, it gives you the ability to listen more. Listening is a skill many people don’t have but shy men have that a lot. Good listeners understand and observe what is happening around them. A lady wants that from a man. When a lady has a new hairdo, she wants a man to compliment her. When she puts on new shirts or has new shoes, she wants her man to notice. Shy men notice things at a higher rate than extroverts.

Another lady told me that a shy man is good at holding conversations. They do not steal the conversation when they are with you. She once had a man who would not allow her to talk. During their conversation, he was the one saying everything. She felt her views were being relegated to the background and that is why she left him. Shy men are not quick to start conversations, but when they trust you they will open up. Particularly when you have gained their respect. Just spend time with them. You will realize they have a lot of things and ideas to share. They read a lot which makes them good communicators.

A shy man is a good communicator. Image from Unsplash.com

Evelyn, a girl in my compound, told me she once dated a shy man. She liked him a lot because the man was not pressuring her to be the center of attention. Her man, Daniel, kept their relationship private for a long time. Even when they were in public, there were not too much hugging, petting, and kissing. He always respected her views and wishes. Daniel was different from Peter, one of her former boyfriends. Peter told all his friends that she had agreed to date him the very first day she told him yes. A shy man would bring a girl to the spotlight only when it would make her happy.

On a personal note, shy men are serious thinkers. They prefer understanding and observing others before they conclude. This is a skill many people do not have. It often makes me angry when someone runs to a conclusion without getting all the facts. I also wonder why some people get angry over what they see on the Internet. A lot of the things on the Internet are lies. Shy men are not fooled easily. As serious thinkers, they consider the positive and negative aspects of a matter. I also noticed that many shy men are creative. Artists, musicians, and writers are usually shy people. They spend their time doing creative things and many girls like this. They also have a high level of emotional intelligence. They know by looking at their woman when she is happy or angry. Paula, a girl I spoke with, told me that she loves shy men because they allow her to be herself. They are less intimidating. This is because they are more of the thinking type and less of the feeling type. Men who are more emotional than rational tend to intimidate a girl. A girl is already emotional and he would be competing in that area with her.

Paula also told me that overconfident men do not attract her. She has dated a lot of them. They do not excite her any longer. She said the world is full of overconfident men who are brash and rough. She wanted someone who would be careful and gentle with her. That was why she dated a shy man. A shy man is always himself. He is not intimidating and does not like to take the show from his girlfriend. Women love a man who allows them to steal all the attention.

Lastly, shy men are polite to everyone. This is because of all the qualities they have like creativity, problem-solving, and openness. , And not to forget being good listeners. Any lady who wants to introduce her shy man to her family will always be confident. She knows the man will respect them from the word go.


Are you a lady who has dated a shy man in the past? Tell us about it. If you are a shy man, tell us in the comment section why your girl loves you. I will like to know your views.

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