A Bad Business By Anton Chekhov

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2 years ago
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Can one see a ghost? I ponder over that question. It is possible to feel the presence of a spirit, to realize the force exerted by a ghost in an environment. But to see a ghost is another story altogether. I know what I see when I see them. Even late at night, I get scared when I go out. I imagine several times that ghosts might be lurking. Up to this day, I have not had an opportunity to witness one. To see a spirit would be eventful.

Yes, it would be a momentous day to see one because I would get scared. I would even pee on my pants. When I was a child, I used to avoid watching horror movies. I had this ability to dream of terrible things happening to me all the time. Horror movies made those dreams scarier. I was the only one who didn't watch those types of movies. All my brothers would stay up until midnight for them. Sometimes they would sneak into the living room where the television was late at night. My parents never realized what was happening. But I didn't find joy in going with them. Darkness scared me.

After reading the short story featured in the video below, I thought of ghosts. Reading ghost stories is way different from watching a depiction on television. But some ghost stories are gross. I stay off those. The short story featured in the video had a message, and it made me read it and think. I think ghost stories are fascinating. Do you?

The title of the short story is "A Bad Business" by Anton Chekhov. I enjoyed reading it. So, I had to review it and make a video of it. I hope you watch the video, encourage me by subscribing, and comment here on Readcash or the Youtube page. Your support makes me keep producing more.

I hope I do receive the support of the numerous fans on Readcash. I need your support.

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