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BTS ARMY: Loud and Proud

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7 months ago
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This is an honest thought.

You know what I am proud of? I decided to support BTS without any clue that they will be this massive. I stanned them without any extreme expectation that they will dominate the world.

One of my edits to celebrate BTS' anniversary

I remember it clearly. It was when I was watching 'Danger' MV. I was a fan of the other group that time, but I knew BTS already got a place in my heart. I remember saying "BTS isn't bad at all. Their music is cool. It's the first time I heard music like this.." And I said that because it's true. With all the generic beats and repetitive concepts of most groups that time, I found a really big potential in BTS.

I never thought I would love them so hard that I started voting them on music shows and year-end award shows even if could mean borrowing my mom's phone (I still don't have a phone that time) and staying up late. It's my very first time sleeping late, and I'm proud it's with BTS.

I remember being so proud when I heard the news that their 'Dope' MV got 100M views. I remember ugly crying when they had their first win. I clearly remember how I bragged to my brother for almost a whole day when I discovered an ARMY from a western country. "Our fandom is getting bigger," I thought, "BTS is now gaining attention."

This may seem offensive, but I can say new ARMYs will never experience the thrill, the euphoria we felt when BTS received their very first Daesang. I cried. I cried so hard. I was so proud. It seemed like I received that award myself. Seeing my boys winning the award they deserve is such a wonderful thing.

Then, the rest seemed like a magical history. Now, BTS is receiving the love and recognition they deserve, and worked hard for, and I am more proud. I am more proud that I choose to be an ARMY from that time when 'I Need U' reached 1M views for the first time, an ARMY when they were accused of so many false claims, when they almost disbanded—when they got through the worst.

BTS members 4/7 from left to right: Suga, Jimin, Jhope, and Jin (photo from @BTS.bighit on Twitter)
BTS Members 3/7 From left to right: V, Jungkook, and RM (photo from @BTS.bighit on Twitter)

And now, they are enjoying their lives as artists, but still work hard every single day, because it's their passion.

I had no idea that we'll come to this point, honestly. However, one thing's for sure.

I will stay. Because BTS does, and always have. ARMY is a title that made my existence more beautiful, and I will never not be proud of it.

Thank you for taking your time to read this article. You can find more in my account! ♥️ Thank you, wonderful people!

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Written by   246
7 months ago
Topics: Life, Journey, Blog, Writing, Thoughts, ...
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