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Some Will Tell You, Some Will Show You, The Rest Will Laugh!

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*Releasing Limiting Beliefs II

Self limiting beliefs are all around us life traps......

Since you had been given a name, you carry that name as you primary identity. You have it burned in your whole being as such that you could be anywhere, doing anything and at the tone or mention of your name, most if not all your attention goes to where your name call comes from. This has become natural. What else has become natural is how you have beliefs, religious, societal, and any more that you have picked up as you grew into the person you are. You could be asked why you worship what you do and what you are most likely to say is that it's what you've always done. This is the same with limiting beliefs, some are what we inherited from our parents and childhood. Other limiting beliefs are our own making from the safety that we had been made to believe in by those that thought us that the unknown is a place to fear and not want to go. Some of these limiting beliefs are around money and lifestyle. It hasn't been a hundred years since society has adopted the qualifications for jobs or work. Way back when things were less watered down by schools, what got you to where you'd be having loads of money and good lifestyle is guts and glory, the power of the mind that seem to be mastered by an occult few. This has been the case for a long time, enough time for generational wealth's to be formed over and over again. It still known that certain families run the world through various establishments like the Rothschild, the Rockefeller and so on.

The question is, what has been the limiting beliefs that kept the wealth distribution so unbalanced for so long? If it has even been revealed to be limiting beliefs? This is the one thing that really keeps people away from achieving their greatest versions. People do not know what their beliefs are, even fewer people know that these beliefs are limiting them. All the people know is that it's life that way, they listen to whatever comes, read whatever is there, listen to whatever is being said or played, replay it in the mind not knowing that they are cycling the very thoughts that limit them.

A lot of books and scripts that we hold dear have been indoctrinating our generations forever and we fall into the same pattern. Cycling the same generational burden of curses and limits. How to break away from these? It's as easy as realising that there's limits to our beliefs that limit us, where in truth there are no limits at all. In every direction of creation or being, it's infinity. So infinite that no-one has ever reached super rock bottom (they probably died) and no one has lived long enough to have it all ( there's always something new). There always being something new means that there's people always breaking their limiting beliefs, always striving for more than the ordinary, more than what's already here. When you go on to step up your beliefs, you will find that you are met with resistance almost always. If you are not met with resistance then you could have broken your limiting beliefs without knowing. This happens when you have had been observing the status quo without letting it influence your judgement or mindset. You most likely always have been given same space to grow how you like, something in the lines of having parents that encourage you to be yourself and pumper you with words of motivation, telling you that you can achieve and be anything you want. Plus you believed it, this way your mind stays open to all transformations that come your way. This is more common in the kinds of families that tend to keep wealth for generations. It is clear that the mindset of abudance is maintained and infused in the lifestyle of such families.

You however do not want to blame anyone for your limiting beliefs if any. Make peace with them being there and hurry the clean up of resistance so that you will embark on your path of abudance. Belief in abudance is a very good start, thereafter you'd need to study abudance and the relating conditions that are best maintained in order to keep the abudance infused in and around your life. Thus creating a vortex or experience of abudance however and wherever you find yourself. You'll be attracting those components that serve to answers to your prayers of abudance. It is also necessary to know and understand that the basic concept of prayer is the feelings that you give out, that's what the answers come to. Answers do not come to words, that's why sometimes you find yourself getting different answers to your prayers of word. This is because you have these word prayers covering the true prayers which is the feeling that you feel and create. Knowing this will help you know that the feeling that's the prayer created by inspiration from your intellect which feeds from imagination and intuitions is the cause for thoughts that will facilitate a stable pathway that the answer to prayers flow through.

Where the limiting beliefs come is in when you have dwelled on them for so long that they become resistances. This works in a way that every time you create a good feeling that's a very potent prayer for your situation's solution, you tend to shoot it down by letting resistance in the way. Resistance is all over the place, you'd create a feeling of abudance then you'd neutralise that with a feeling of lack from what's not abudant at the moment. The key is to think yourself there where you want to be, the feeling is key. Feel every bit of it as much as you can. The feeling that you keep focusing on will generate the energies needed to keep the resistance or feeling of lack unentertained and this is the key - to always be feeling that you have it as you'd like it and you feel it as it'd feel.

*There Are No Time Limits II

There being no time limits is also about the mindset. There's a place that you get into when you are busy on what you like or focus on intensely. This doesn't mean time disappears, it only means that time becomes more lucid than before. The truth about time is that there's only now! There's no tomorrow or yesterday, it's all right now. Where we get this concept of tomorrow and time gone is the minds adaptation to only being able to have one focus. More than one focus of the mind cause confusion, chaos in the mind. The mind likes to operate as one, balanced entity. When you have two thoughts, you find that you have to choose one, if not then the mind becomes the devil's playground. Confusion is the devil's biggest tool in his arsenal. How you keep yourself from confusion is by making sure that you keep your focus on where you want your energy to be. Because the mind can only set one focus, this also means you can only live one timeline in the physical body. With this Inn mind, the concept of time becomes clear as you let the focus carry on to the next page of the book it will seem like the previous page is gone. What happened there is merely energetical shift that the previous page has rejoined the infinite timelines that could have been as the chosen timeline. What is the future is potentials of timelines that you can have pulled into focus, into the now. The infinite timelines can only be experienced one at a time by the mind therefore you choose the timeline you'd like and that's the timeline you get to experience. There is no time limits other than the limits you set yourself.

*Tesla's Numbers II

3,6,9 is the numbers that Tesla observed as the magic numbers that carry the understanding of the working of the universe. What about the multiverse? Master the manipulation of matter in the universe then you can handle the multiverse!

In trading there's a lot of numbers, it's a numbers game. By observing these numbers and bringing them into focus, you find that the pattern keep repeating. Like the Fibonacci sequence, it's present in everything, wether the chart is bullish or bearish, the numbers are the main market makers. Study the numbers and you'll be amazed at the discoveries you make of how it's easy to make wining trades. Even the trend-lines are number based in that the trend line is only valid after a certain number of price conditions, this is the same for support and resistance. It's all in the numbers. The market corrections and retracements are all based on the number of times they are at certain points on the chart. This gives you the idea of where the next numbers are most likely to form. Based of psychology of the traders and the flow of regulators you start to figure out who has the upper hand. No chart can continuously maintain a bull run forever, that's clearly not a chart because the bears are completely absent. To form the harmony that gives the chart it's integrity, there has to be both buyers and sellers, all playing numbers on each other. Your job is to find the favourable numbers to flow the money out of the market into your balance. To do it over and over again is the goal,to which mastery of the numbers is the solution! Know your numbers!

*Tesla's Frequencies II

We have frequencies all around us as we all know of radio frequency, cellular frequencies, and so on, whatsup with these? And why do they work? Why is it that when tuned to an FM transmitter you won't hear AM music? Or the bitcoincash exchange to the exact same amount of BTC? Or a missing number on the phone won't dial the phone you'd like to call until you get it right? It's all frequencies and getting it right as you have learned to get the whole number or even the username before tagging. It's all frequencies, same as life, to get on that level of your wants and needs all you have to do is observe your current frequency. This is done by assessing where you are, what is in your current experience, what has got you here, what's keeping you here and what's familiar as in to say what is repeating. The things we repeat tell us a lot about the frequency we are maintaining, also our next move- wether it's an improvement or deterioration of the frequency. By deterioration what is meant is degrading or lowering of. This is all in you, it's all you. No one on the outside can influence this, not until you give them permission to do so. By the things you listen to, talk about, the thoughts you keep, the self talk, the affirmation you do and where all this is from will tell you where you have given permission and how it's serving your purpose.

Increasing your frequencies,closing in on love because love is the highest frequency, you get closer to your desires. This is very important for growth in life. We are here to grow and expand, your perfect higher self doesn't know "no" or regression, all is "yes", all is go, all is rich experience. So if you are entertaining a certain kind of frequency, the heavenly energies will bestow upon you more of that frequency. If it's good, you get more good. If it's bad you get more bad. In truth there are no bad or good frequencies, it's a perception game, at the depth of which it's all about feeling good. Feel good and maintain, the universe will give you more of that! Fake it, the universe will give you more of that!

In trading, frequency comes in to play of the clear mindset. Knowing your goals and targets will ensure that you know what you want in the market, you'll surely get it. Being on a clearly defined frequency means that you look for the favourable conditions to achieve your goals and targets, if they are not present - you'd stay out of the trade because it does not match your goal and targets. A muddled or a frequency that's not clearly defined will lead you to depend on others for leads and signals because your own frequency isn't clear. We have all been there, where we find ourselves in situations that kill the flow and vibe simply because we rolled the dice. This is totally unhealthy but very necessary for the much needed growth and maturity in the markets and life in general. Being on that high frequency isn't only for achievement in the markets but in life in general. Emotional management is very important in this aspect, being able to manage your emotions is totally a win! More people are learning and adopting better emotional management, which is the very goal of this new age of Aquarius.

The age of Aquarius brings with it a whole new frequency where everything that doesn't seem normal is becoming normal. Where you are used to have limits, you will soon experience new highs, with this you'd do very well to aim for higher highs.

Being in the physical, mindset and diet plays the biggest role in the frequency you will impress.

*Tesla's Vibrations

Tesla had been known to have created earthquake engineering from a device that fit into his pocket. This device created vibrations that shook the building almost reducing it to rubble. This was the many experiments that Tesla did on vibrations. Tesla's many inventions lead to the conclusion that the universe is made up of frequencies, numbers and vibrations ( all this is energy in and out of form). Tesla also ventured into the metaphysical to understand the non physical workings of energy. What he found is that the basis of all solutions and problems is in the numbers, frequencies and vibrations. Of course this is to make it understandable to the human mind because there is really no explanation on the non physical that the mind can begin to comprehend.

When we explore farther and further, we find that for human body it is necessary to maintain high vibrational lifestyle to keep on living. Low vibrational energy causes stress and thus illness or dis-ease. Disease is putting the body out of ease, that's why the condition gets how it gets (uncomfortable, not at ease, needing ease). Carefully observing everything around oneself will let you know if you are operating on ease or barely making it. Most people are barely making it. High vibrational diet and good frequency thoughts will bring the body back to ease. It's natural not magic, unless magic is natural.

In trading, when your vibration is out of whack, you hardly make anything if not peanuts or trips over dollar trying to save cents. Ensuring that you are in a high vibrational state is absolutely necessary to achieve your goals and targets, in life as well. We'd like to think trading is separate from life, when the opposite is more true, trading is life - there's vibrational trading going on at all times. To choose your vibrational trading targets and have goals is necessary to achieve your desires, always. Deliberate attempt to highten your vibrations every day is the best way to live. The greatest way to live is to help/ teach/ assist others on how to raise their vibrations and achieve their highest versions of themselves.

Once you are on that high vibrational disc, life will step out of your way and give you what you most desire : to feel good!

"Nothing matters more than that I feel good"

*Self Love

Invest in yourself, meditate, drink loads of clean pure water, eat healthy foods, good thoughts, forgiveness, clear intentions and elevated emotions for manifestations, good will, focus, clean energies and so much more including own time are very important steps towards self love. Highly recommended to love oneself. Some of the best lessons in life come from how we love or treat others because this is a mirror that we are letting them hold out to us. This mirror shows us how we really are from the inside and therefore revealing to us that how we treat others is in a lot of cases how we feel inside. As we have discussed earlier, the outside experience is a reflection or answer to the prayers of feelings from within.

" Whereas there's no enemy within, the enemy without can do no harm"

- Old Proverb

If you find something displeasing on the outside, the best way of dealing with this is to have an introspection! Self love involves going within and digging up the dirt that is being reflected on the outside, transmuting this dirt and creating the reality you wish to live and experience!

After many times of these self love steps, you'll find that you are able to yield and command the energy that creates world's to create the best life experiences you wish into your reality.

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