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Creative Process / Vibrational Currency to physical goods

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The Creative Process / Manifestation Process

The shortest method to manifestation is marrying pure intentions and elevated emotions. This however has a few processes within its own process.

Each of these processes begins with an initiating event. This something that triggers the first spark to start the move for creativity or the need for the manifestation. This is the Why? Why change? Why move? Why do? Why get better? Why drink? Why quit? ? ? Why not? ? ? Why???

The initiating event inspires an idea which is the potential answer to the why. The idea ends in with a refusal until it is met by a teacher that inspires the action. The action encourages the test or several tests at once (for the OGs). The test is followed by the shadow after which comes the elevation. Here's the sweet spot, the reward! The release follow after the rewards. Then comes the integration which is followed by the glow up that leads to the expansion. Then another initiating event is lined up for another cycle, this time different level due to the changed mindset!

What? You still don't get it? Come on you create your own reality! All you need is a detox, a couple of ohms ( 33 outros) eem (33 intros) or something like that. A while lot of pure liquids, yes not only water cos fruits and some fermented foods and beverages have their own level of purity too. This and more will lead you to level up every time you find something new to fix your vibes. That's why improvement can never stop, there's always room for improvement, when the rooms are taken, we can improve the yard and eventually the whole universe maybe the multiverse too, you get the pic.

At this level you got to get it because it's so basic that you just have to be. It's human being not doing, although improvement is absolutely necessary, there comes a time of silence. This time comes in at the refusal in order to meet the teacher or mentor that will inspire the action. This silence is just enough for that, anymore than just enough the student becomes an inexperienced teacher. Without much patience this can lead to some distractive experiments as the student who now is an inexperienced teacher is convinced of the power, is unaware of the much needed lessons of experience. The refusal will keep denying this lesson until the inexperienced teacher becomes a student again. This time, fully ready, the teacher appears. " When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Another interesting reason why you never need to worry about anything because you will always get what you are ready for. The teacher can be anything or anyone to inspire the action that leads to the test. This action needs to inspire the right experience to pass the test. Passing the test makes the shadow work lighter. Shadow work is digging into your past to clean up and heal staff you overlooked or commandoed through. Some situations really just require us to be commandos. It is worth noting that rubber bullets do not make commandos, real bullets make real commandos.

Shadow work always brings up the elevation. This is simple, you feel lighter in every way because you are released from most limiting beliefs. You are free of old bondages, and you have healed old traumas! Things are becoming clear and you start picking up speed doing different things that lead to your objective. Which is the initiating event, your why! By this time so many plans have been trashed, a bunch of prototypes burned. Ok maybe only a few blown accounts of lost pass phrases. That's ok because now you got the elevation that you needed, propelling you towards the reward. Most people get to the reward and that's it for them.

Not for you,not for you my friend! Because you got to release all these. Yeah, you just got rewarded now it's time to let it go again. This is a trick of abudance. How it works is that if you hold on to what you get you ask the universe to hold on to what's for you. When you let go, which you eventually will, the universe will let you have all that you desire! It's really that simple! As the stages get more and more, it becomes more and more lonely. This is more especially if you stick to your old environment like same work, same school, same family, same spot, same same you know! This calls for the next level, integration. I haven't don't enough research on the integration but what I get of it is that it's merging your physical knowledge with your intuition. Your higher self and you. Yin and Yang. After which you glow up, everything on fleek!

For some people it stops there! For others it proceeds to expansion where the exploration of all that's available on the timelines, frequencies, vibrations and numbers is explored and manipulated. This leads to another initiating event, triggering another idea into another cycle. Every one cycle is unique and can never be duplicated. An open mind is absolutely suited for these explorations. These are limitless, only you can put a limit on where you are more energetically compatible.

So that's how you do the things that need to be done to get you the things that make you feel nice. Is it that simple though? For sure! You well, just got to take care of yourself! Your thoughts, what you consume ( sounds, visuals, touch, atopic absorption, food and beverage etc ) and much more. When you finally get the one right combination ( in trillions) you'll then wear this as a badge of honour for making it into a place you always knew as home!

Inspired by your favourite tiktoker


Who gets her inspiration from Pareto principle in the Heroe's Journey.

Get yourself, your own token

Enjoy the explorations!

Always love n light!

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Written by   7
3 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
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